Clear-Com Turns Up the Lights on Communications at LDI 2010

Company to Display HelixNet™ Party-line and Enhancements to Tempest®2400 Wireless Intercom System

LAS VEGAS, OCTOBER 19, 2010 ─ Clear-Com®, a global leader in mission-critical voice communication systems, will bring its innovative unified intercom platform, HelixNet™ Party-line, to the live production and entertainment industry at this year’s LDI 2010 (Booth 1834). The company will also showcase its enhanced version of Tempest®2400 wireless intercom system, which is now available worldwide.

In today’s fast-paced world of live production, crew members coordinating events such as concerts, theater performances, sports, and other scenarios, require rugged, reliable wireless operation and are challenged with making everything happen with less time and with fewer resources. Recognizing that communication plays a critical role in enabling a well-coordinated production workflow, Clear-Com’s latest intercom innovations are much simpler to set-up, use and manage, while still offering the level of sophistication, flexibility and scalability that live production demands. HelixNet and Tempest2400 are solutions that meet these challenges, adding greater efficiency and manageability to any event’s communications workflow.

HelixNet Party-line Unified Intercom Platform Sets New Communication Standard

HelixNet, a digital intercom platform based on Clear-Com’s award-winning I.V.Core Technology, offers the best mix of technical capabilities for live sound, touring and other applications. HelixNet products share a common design philosophy ─ cabling simplicity, ease-of-use, networking flexibility, system intelligence and audio clarity. On display for LDI attendees will be the HelixNet Party-line System, the first set of intercom systems founded on the HelixNet Platform, comprised of the HMS-4X (HelixNet Main Station) and the HBP-2X (HelixNet Beltpacks).

Supporting four channels and 20 beltpacks, HMS-4X offers the simplicity of group communication and the high-channel capacity and flexibility of point-to-point matrix systems. As with all HelixNet products, HMS-4X works on a wide variety of standard twisted-pair cabling, such as microphone cables and CAT-5, to simplify the setup process and reduce the overall cost of infrastructure requirements. The Main Stations can operate over a facility’s pre-existing cabling and, in the near future, will connect via standard LAN/IT network infrastructure. Supplying power and all audio channels over a single twisted-pair cabling to the connected beltpacks, HelixNet Main Station operates on a single cable, saving costs on cables and labor, and fewer cables means touring crews have more space and less weight to transport. HMS-4X has built-in expansion bays for 2-wire or 4-wire interface modules to connect with analog party-line, digital matrix or wireless intercom systems. USB connectivity provides easy and instant software and firmware maintenance and upgrades.

The 2-channel HBP-2X is the most rugged and ergonomic beltpack Clear-Com has designed to date. It features unique tactile controls for intuitive touch operation and bump-proof volume knobs, making navigation on this feature-rich 4-channel system easy to master. HBP-2X also features a high-contrast OLED status display for easy visual operation. Its sturdy, ergonomic design assures reliability and durability that will last through the most demanding conditions. Moreover, HelixNet beltpacks interconnect passively facilitating dynamic cabling options: Y-splits, one-to-many splits, daisy-chaining beltpack to beltpack along with a mix of wire guage are all possible.

Enhanced Tempest2400 Offers More Capacity, Flexibility and Features

Version 2.0 firmware update for Tempest2400 introduces many appealing new features and functions that increase the capacity, flexibility and usability of the system. In addition to the Normal Mode that offers up to five full-duplex BeltStations per BaseStation, Shared and Split Modes were added to allow for an unlimited number of users per BaseStation. In Shared Mode, all of the BeltStations can utilize the dual listen/talk feature and BeltStation users can individually select which channels they listen and talk to just like in normal mode. While all of the BeltStations can talk, only five BeltStations may have talk enabled at any one time. If a sixth BeltStation attempts to talk, the user will receive a busy signal. In Split Mode, users operate in a combination of the other two modes: Normal and Shared, offering the use of four BeltStations that utilize the standard anytime talk back capability and an unlimited number of BeltStations sharing one talk path at any given time. Tempest 2400 is durable, robust, and intuitive to use, well suited for the darkness of a backstage or when the attention of the user is elsewhere.

Other new features include BeltStation push-and-turn volume control, push-and-hold channel changing, a 4db gain increase on 4-wire I/O BaseStations and the ability to control remote BeltStation sidetone levels and mic gain from the BaseStation or the T-Desk software program, which allows the sound engineer to trouble shoot the system in really time while the live performance is taking place.

Tempest2400, available in two- and four-channel versions, is a cost-effective option for audio professionals in the live, touring and broadcast industries who require fewer channels of communications and offers users unprecedented access to license-free communications. Utilizing patented Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum radio technology to ensure robust, reliable communications, Tempest2400 operates license-free in the 2.4 GHz band worldwide, allowing interference-free communications even in environments heavily populated by other wireless devices.

About Clear-Com

Clear-Com®, an HME company, is the global leader in mission-critical voice communication systems for professional productions. Since 1968, Clear-Com developed and marketed a comprehensive range of analog, digital and IP-based wired and wireless intercom technologies for party-line and point-to-point communications. Recognized for our legacy of intercom innovations, production teams around the world have come to depend on Clear-Com for clear, reliable and scalable communication solutions. More information about Clear-Com can be found at

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