Digigram's IP Audio— Coolest STL Solution in Northern Canada

IQOYA Link is Chosen for Best Reliability and Flexibility

Novato, Calif. -- Point Source Audio, the Master Distributor of Digigram for the Americas, announces the adoption of Digigram's IQOYA STL solution throughout the Yukon Territory in Northwestern Canada. Native North Broadcasting Yukon (NNBY) has deployed 22 Digigram IQOYA Link and Link/LE's in the Yukon Territory, a region so large that it encompasses 5 different native Aboriginal languages.

NNBY, operating as a non-profit organization for more than 20 years, has 20 repeaters deployed throughout the Yukon, including one located above the Artic Circle. In its quest to continue to bring excellent programming to its Yukon citizens and to build a new and successful business model through this upgrade project, NNBY conducted equipment evaluation and efficacy studies over a 2 year period before making the critical selection amongst 4 infrastructure options.

Director of Engineering at NNBY, Dennis Gerard, couldn't be happier on settling with the Digigram IQOYA IP Audio Codec solution to provide the studio to transmitter link. "The IQOYAs have performed rock-solid. We are only seeing a .1% packet loss—this is very important to us because reliability was my number one objective,” said Gerard.

"Our support teams at PSA and Digigram worked diligently with NNBY during their rigorous evaluation and testing to ensure every detail was covered," said James Lamb, President of Point Source Audio. "In the end, we were able to demonstrate that Digigram's IQOYA was a superior solution from both a product performance and a business perspective."

While reliability reigned in the decision-making, the long list of IQOYA benefits just made the selection of Digigram all that more compelling. Gerard explains, "The IQOYAs provided us with the greatest flexibility at the lowest cost so that's what we went with." Because the IQOYA IP Audio Codecs are able to transmit a high quality stream at an extremely low bit-rate this made them an excellent option for transport over satellite. The small bit-rate stream contributes greatly to the lower total cost of ownership—reducing monthly internet service fees from close to $2000 to just a little over $500 per month.

Since the NNBY studio is running entirely on Livewire, IQOYA's Livewire compatibility was a big plus. Gerard foresees future integration of the systems such that from content creation to delivery, the entire broadcast will be in one seamless digital format—never having to compromise quality or reliability from switching back and forth from digital to analog. The added SD Card and analog input options give NNBY the ability to connect to a host of pre-existing equipment already in studio, and maintain pre-recorded content stored on an SD card, which is able to take over broadcast duties should a unit loose the stream for any reason.


About Point Source Audio

Point Source Audio manufactures and distributes worldwide a unique line of lightweight bendable boom earworn microphones—known as the “toughest” earworn microphones in the industry. As a result of PSA’s audio expertise and its admired reputation for sales and service support, the company was named Digigram’s Master Distributor for the Americas. The world renowned brand of Digigram sound cards, IP audio codecs, and Ethersound audio networking technology are now available from Point Source Audio. Founded in 2004, Point Source Audio is headquartered in Novato, Calif. For more information call (415) 226-1122 or visit www.point-sourceaudio.com.