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ABCL Launches TV9 Mumbai With India's First Echolab Overture Series Video Production Systems

BILLERICA, Mass. — Sept. 8, 2008 — Echolab, Inc., a leading provider of professional video production switchers and broadcast tools, today announced that Associated Broadcasting Company Ltd (ABCL), one of the fastest growing media companies in India today, is using two Overture2™ and one Overture1™ video production systems to support the launch of TV9 Mumbai. The Overture series switchers are installed in three separate studios at TV9 Mumbai to support cost-effective multilingual production of general entertainment and news programming targeted to the commercial and entertainment center of India.

"The broadcast industry is a highly competitive world, and Echolab's Overture systems provide the key features we need to provide a professional broadcast news product," said Chandramohan Puppala, managing editor for TV9 Mumbai.

Echolab's high-performance 1-M/E Overture1 and 2-M/E Overture2 production switchers combine internal conversion and synchronization with powerful key layering and special effects to provide simple control over complex production tasks and, in turn, streamline creation of a sophisticated on-air product.

In addition to four ME keys and two downstream keyers, which enable title keying for graphics, logos, and bugs, the Overture family features unique SuperSource™ crosspoint keys that make it easy to achieve expert transitions with minimal effort. The Overture systems also feature the innovative Stinger™ transition, a special "take block" keyer with combined mix/wipe and graphic control that reduces complex animated transitions to a single button press.

The SuperBox™ module for Overture1 and Overture2 SD systems enables switcher operators to put as many as six windows on-screen at once. This extremely popular plug-and-play solution simplifies news and sports production, allowing for simultaneous display of commentators, reporters, or program guests from different locations — all within one picture.

"ABCL has quickly made a name for itself in Indian broadcasting by providing groundbreaking news coverage to key markets," said Echolab President Nigel Spratling. "With our Overture series switchers installed in its new Mumbai facility, the company is equipped to take on the competition in India's largest city and to deliver powerful programming in the region's primary languages."

TV9 Mumbai is scheduled to go on air in October.

More information about the Overture series of production switchers and other Echolab products is available at

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About ABCL

The Associated Broadcasting Company Ltd (ABCL) is one of the fastest growing media companies in India today. The company started with a 24-hour news channel (TV9 AP) in Andhra Pradesh in 2004 and quickly became a ratings leader with a unique brand of bold and fearless journalism. In just four years, ABCL has added five more channels — TV9 Karnataka, TV9 Gujarat, Indiavision, Kolkata TV, and Sanskriti — to its bouquet, and each is a major player in its métier. TV9 Mumbai is one of four new channels set to beam up in 2008. By 2009 ABCL will be a truly pan-Indian broadcaster located in every major metropolis in the country and articulating the concerns of India's millions in the language most accessible to them. ABCL is promoted by iLabs Capital, a $350-million India-focused venture capital fund.

About Echolab, Inc.

Echolab, Inc. is a leading provider of video production switchers and tools that offer flexibility and on-air reliability for the production and distribution of digital media in a variety of formats. The company's products include the Overture1™ and Overture2™ video production systems, MultiPlayMD™ multichannel instant-replay system, MegaKeyMD™ clip player/mixer/keyer, and Conductor™ control integration system, all of which provide functionality and ease of use critical to professional-quality production. Echolab is online at