Duality Provides Significant Workflow Efficiency and Changes Approach to Production

TORONTO – BoomBox Sound, a Toronto-based music and sound design production company, recently installed a Solid State Logic Duality console, supported by Alpha-Link converters, as a major studio upgrade. Replacing working in the box with a controller and outboard mic pres, dynamics and EQs, Duality delivers an analogue signal path combined with DAW control, automation and Total Recall™ that gathers all studio elements together into one efficient system with a high level sonic signature.

“Our business is primarily focused on music production, sound design, voice casting and direction for television and radio commercials,” says Roger Leavens, co-owner, BoomBox Sound. “We typically work with ad agencies such as DraftFCB, Saatchi & Saatchi, Anderson DDB, Brandworks, Leo Burnett Company and Grey Group. When working with agencies, time is of the essence, and we were getting to the point where working in the box was slowing us down and that led us to Duality. When it arrived, Duality far exceeded our expectations, giving us the efficiency we were looking for along with great sound.”

BoomBox Sound has completed work on commercials for Toyota, Nikon, Nabisco’s Oreo Cookies, Centrum® and Caltrate®, among many others, along with work on video games for Ubisoft and Konami. The studio is also used for internal production of records for release. According to Leavens, the entire operation is thought of as a creative tool where sound quality is paramount.

“We were simply playing music through Duality while we were setting up the studio for a couple of days and we all thought, ‘This is ridiculous, it just sounds better,’” states Leavens. “We couldn’t believe it. When we started tracking through Duality, the results were amazing. We were all completely blown away by the sound.”

On the efficiency side of the equation, the old working method of setting up an outboard signal path into the DAW has been replaced by Duality as the center of the process. Duality offers powerful signal routing capabilities with automation and recall features that truly speed up the process.

“Since Duality, my workflow has changed from all outboard gear right into Pro Tools® to now using the console and all its routing and recall power,” continues Leavens. “In our line of work, especially with broadcast, we often have to deliver final masters around 4:00 PM so the mixes can be prepped for TV. I am always working towards a mix, but with the old way, it was either I’m recording or mixing. With Duality, I can freely move between both, speeding up my workflow and that is a very big deal for our operation.”

Leavens likes the metering offered by Duality, where in the past he found himself second guessing metering in the box, leaving him to post meter projects for confidence. While the console features improve the workflow and the sound quality is sterling, the green aspects and look and feel of Duality were also important.

“The operational efficiency of Duality in terms of heat generation and AC mains draw were a big bonus for us,” Leavens explains. “With Duality, we did not need to install a larger cooling system. Then there is the Wow factor when you come into the studio. Duality is a beautiful console and looks very impressive. This is another big plus for us. Everything about our experience with Duality has been great.”

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