iPharro Media CEO Joshua Cohen to Address Content Identification, Protection, and Monetization at C&T 2010

DARMSTADT, Germany -- June 1, 2010 -- iPharro Media today announced that CEO Joshua Cohen will join digital media industry experts at the Copyright and Technology 2010 Conference (C&T 2010) for a panel discussion titled "Content Identification Technologies: Moving From Antipiracy to Monetization." The June 17 session, scheduled for 2:45 p.m. at the Hotel Roger Smith in New York City, will address technological means of identifying digital content, not only to prevent piracy, but also to enable content producers and owners to monetize content more effectively and in more ways.

"The C&T 2010 panel will discuss how current content identification technology is enabling a shift from reactive antipiracy efforts to proactive monetization strategies," said Cohen. "Tracking, identifying, and controlling media as it passes through the various stages of its lifecycle across multiple platforms is a daunting task. The digitization of massive archives, global collaboration, and a coincident explosion in the nature and number of distribution platforms adds complexity to these processes. I look forward to discussing how content owners can apply technologies such as adaptive video fingerprinting to take control of and monetize their growing volumes of digital content."

As iPharro Media CEO, Cohen has led development of solutions that can be deployed and seamlessly integrated into any preexisting workflow or serve as the engine behind any new content identification-based application. Prior to joining iPharro, Cohen spent a decade in finance, business, media development, and strategy. In this time he worked for some of the most prestigious companies in the finance and media sectors, namely Merrill Lynch, the Random House division of Bertelsmann Media Group, and MTV Germany. He holds a master's degree in business administration from New York University and a bachelor's degree in molecular biology from Princeton University. Cohen also studied at the University of Cologne in Germany as part of his business degree.

More information about iPharro Media and the company's technology and products is available at www.ipharro.com.

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About iPharro Media

iPharro Media, a world leader in content identification solutions, empowers media players along every step of the value chain to identify, control, and monetize video content. iPharro's solutions can be deployed and seamlessly integrated into any preexisting workflow or serve as the engine behind any new content identification-based application. With state-of-the-art adaptive video fingerprinting technology(TM) at its core, iPharro's patent-pending identification technique provides users with an unprecedented level of accuracy and precision -- down to the frame level -- that competitors cannot match. Moreover, with a noninvasive, configurable approach to content identification, iPharro allows customers to fingerprint today, identify tomorrow(TM), thus providing a foundation for maintaining control over growing volumes of digital content, even as available distribution outlets and platforms explode in number. With workflow expertise built in partnership with world-class customers, iPharro is uniquely positioned to integrate advanced content identification into any workflow or business process with minimal impact. More information on iPharro products is available at www.ipharro.com.