System Perfect for Time Sensitive Breaking News Event Coverage

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – Following hard on the heels of a successful NAB showing, SSL DV, a Solid State Logic company, is featuring the Gravity News Studio system in the systems integrator Excelencia en Comunicaciones Tecnología booth at Telemundo 2010. This made-for-broadcast system, a part of the advanced Gravity Media Asset Management family of systems, quickly and efficiently tames the intense process of delivering time sensitive breaking news to air. Gravity News Studio delivers the necessary editing and delivery power to the burgeoning Mexican and Latin American broadcast news markets.

“Gravity News Studio gives any news organization the power to streamline the media ingest, edit and delivery process for near instant broadcast of breaking news from multiple media sources,” says Shaun McTernan, vice president of marketing for SSL DV. “Gravity is able to encode media into multiple formats allowing users to edit proxy material while it is still being encoded. The inherent power of Gravity to quickly get a project on air is unrivaled in the industry.”

Gravity News Studio is format independent, media independent, hardware independent, scalable and expandable. The Gravity platform is built on industry standard protocols and leverages the latest IT developments to deliver stunning improvements in workflow and performance in a cost effective single solution package. Gravity News Studio is primarily composed of a Gravity Asset Manager system and the Gravity Package Production Tool (PPT) giving the end user the ability to work in a totally renderless environment.

The Gravity PPT is the desktop edit client and main user interface for the Gravity News Studio. It allows the user to collect material assigned to them, browse for additional media, edit, enhance metadata and publish material out for multi-format distribution including broadcast and Internet streaming. The extent of the control the user has depends on the privilege level authorized.

The user editing screen enables access to assigned media and to a range of editing tools to enable a completed clip to be published to an output decoder in preparation for transmission. Edit operations are carried out at proxy level and seamlessly conformed in the background upon completion of the edit or publish operation. A Final Cut plug-in and integration with several Newsroom Computer Systems are also available options.

The Gravity Asset Manager software is the media management tool for users of the Gravity News Studio system. It allows users to capture, playout, move, monitor and manage media assets across the entire system. The extent of the control the user has depends on the privilege level authorized.

“With Gravity News Studio, broadcasters no longer need to use traditional baseband video connections,” continues McTernan. “Gravity has the power to have a user edit a breaking news story as the system is ingesting files. This means that material from an event can be broadcast within minutes of ingest allowing a broadcaster to keep ahead of the pack for breaking news.”

SSL DV, Inc., a Solid State Logic Company offers comprehensive advanced turnkey Gravity Digital Asset Management and rapid media production systems serving the entertainment, broadcast, education, corporate and government markets. Systems can be configured for small workgroups up to multi-location enterprise systems. For more information on our products or services please visit us on the Web at: