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CentralParQ Software to highlight tools to help production companies manage content

CentralParQ Software will launch the CentralParQ framework and modules that help TV production companies save valuable resources by making their production and content management processes more efficient at IBC2012.

CentralParQ modules include:

  • Media intake to keep track with cloud registration.
  • MediaDoQ, a fully automated media ingest solution.
  • Avid power tools allowing efficient management of Avid environments by securely delegating administrative and system tasks to the end users.
  • Live logging, which allows use of a media tablet to add markers and/or sub clips to footage during capture, saving edit time.
  • Viewing Room, which supports low-resolution viewing, adding metadata and basic editing of ingested footage on diverse platforms with Internet connectivity.

See CentralParQ Software at IBC2012 Congress Square Pavilion 1.