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At IBC2013, FOR-A feaured its new MINI M/E.

Offered as a standard feature of the HVS-390HS 2 M/E vision mixer, the MINI M/E enables the mixer to deliver the power of a virtual 6 M/E mixer. The MINI M/E extension allows the deployment of any aux-bus transition with cuts, mixes or wipes, and to display a keyer complete with DVE functions.

The MINI M/E can be independently controlled or operated from a master/slave configuration. It can also follow any bus on 1 or 2 M/Es, allowing easy one-man operation. The MINI M/E can be expanded into a half M/E function, to configure the HVS-390HS as a 2.5 M/E mixer. The half M/E can be controlled remotely where a traditional P/P bus mixer is used with up to four DSKs.