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SGL announces support for FOR-A's LTR series, LTO-5 video archiving recorder

Software Generation Ltd (SGL) has announced support for FOR-A's LTR series, LTO-5 video archiving recorder. Using SGL's XML-based API, FOR-A has enabled seamless integration between SGL's FlashBrowse archive management application and its LTR recorder.

FOR-A's LTR series is a standalone video archiving recorder fitted with an LTO-5 drive. Capable of recording up to 1.5TB of LTFS file data, the LTR series recorders can be used as platforms for material or program exchange.

Using an LTFS workflow, the combined FOR-A and SGL offering, enables customers to archive material taht's been recorded on the LTR directly to LTO5 tape. This material now contains all version, including thumbnails plus high-resolution and low-resolution clips. This means that once in the SGL FlashNet Archive, the material is available for use via FlashWeb, SGL's user interface.

This workflow is particularly advantageous for production environments where new material, including live-event feeds, is ingested. In addition, if customers add SGL's standalone archive system FlashBox, thereby creating a full archive, they can store thousands of hours of material directly from the LTO-5 tape to the archive without requiring a MAM system.

For more information, visit SGL at IBC stand 7.J15a, where there will be a FOR-A LTO-5 video archiving recorder and a full demonstration of the workflow.