Strong Appeal for NextGen TV Among Consumers, Magid Reports

LAS VEGAS—ATSC 3.0, aka NextGen TV, is expected to be rolled out to the top 40 U.S. markets in 2020. The new TV standard will offer a number of new features and technologies that are getting a good many consumers excited for it to become available in their market.

Magid, a consumer-centered business strategy company, conducted a study of consumer interests toward NextGen TV in October 2019 that revealed a “strong appeal for NextGen TV among consumers, particularly early adopters and millennials,” according to Bill Hague, executive vice president, Media Strategy Group, Magid. Specifically, 42% of respondents said they would likely purchase a new TV if it was needed to better enjoy the NextGen TV features.

Some of those features that stuck out to consumers included consistent audio, offering normalized audio levels across programs; 4K HDR video; immersive audio; and multiple audio tracks, which can include specific feeds for sports broadcasts (or none at all), different languages or dialogue options.

Those 42% of consumers whose next TV purchase may be based on NextGen TV are learning what some of their options might be at CES 2020, which has seen LG Electronics, Sony and Samsung reveal new TV models that are NextGen TV-compatible, part of a plan to launch a total of 20 such models in 2020. This has garnered the praise of broadcasters from the Phoenix Model Market, a group focused on the transition to NextGen TV.

“Throughout the year and into 2021, more and more programming will become available in 4K Ultra HD with High Dynamic Range and with immersive audio to provide consumers with an amazing new experience,” said Anne Schelle, Pearl TV managing director, which is coordinating NextGen TV development with the Phoenix Model Market. “This is not an easy or immediate transition. There are myriad of rights issues, collaboration opportunities, channel sharing agreements and many other details that broadcasters are now working hard to execute. The final piece, of course, is the availability of consumer receivers—which is why the announcements this week at CES are so vitally important.”

The Phoenix Model Market, along with Pearl TV, has its own presence at CES 2020, highlighting consumer research findings of their own and an application framework for use by broadcasters and receiver manufacturers at the ATSC booth (11329, Central Hall). Pearl TV’s Schelle is also slated to give a presentation with representatives from ATSC, NAB and two TV manufacturers called “What NextGen TV Means for Tech,” on Jan. 9 at the Venetian Resort (Marcello 4406, Level 4).

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