ONEMedia To Deploy DigiCap 3.0 Gateways in Dallas

ONEMedia will deploy DigiCAP SmartXess 3.0 home gateways as part of the ongoing Single Frequency Network deployment to deliver Next-Gen TV in Dallas, the companies announced this week.

ONEMedia is a subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group, which along with other broadcasters in Dallas has partnered on an SFN rollout to support ATSC 3.0 transmission in Dallas.

DigiCAP’s SmartXess gateway is equipped with a 3.0 over-the-air TV receiver and an internet connection to enable hybrid scenarios in the home ranging from targeted advertising support to interactivity.

Once received by the gateway, 3.0 content is rebroadcasted throughout the home to connected devices –whether hardwired Ethernet or to wireless devices via WiFi — which allows viewing on a variety of devices -- including smart TVs, tablets and smartphones.

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Storage integrated into the SmartXess gateway makes it possible for dynamic ad insertion, digital video recording, store-and-forward video to support distance learning and advanced emergency alerting.

DigiCAP showed prototypes of the gateway at the recently concluded IBC 2018 in Amsterdam. Software development kits to develop branded applications are available, the company said.

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Phil Kurz

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