Vizrt Integrates Products With Omneon Spectrum

September 28, 2004
Bergen, Norway--At the recently completed IBC convention this year, Vizrt announced the integration of its product line with the Omneon Spectrum media server system, providing a complete end-to-end workflow solution for the creation and airing of live graphics based on Omneon's flexible networked server solutions. With this combination of technologies, graphics are integrated with live video from content capture, through to storage, and playout. Selected video is played out through Vizrt's Viz|Engine 3D renderer in an easy-to-use and continuous production process.
"This is a very fast and user-friendly system," said Petter Ole Jakobsen, vice president of Global Accounts/CTO, Vizrt. "Video content is the fuel for all graphics creation. We're using video directly in our graphics system, particularly for realtime compositing and realtime editing. This integration will dramatically change the way people work and enable our users to produce complete stories with less equipment. It's a very exciting development for our product line, and we're thrilled to offer this integration to our existing and potential customers."
By utilizing Omneon's software development kit, Vizrt developed its own media sequencer plug-in (a device driver) for the Omneon Spectrum video server and storage infrastructure. Currently, Viz|Content Pilot content management and control software and Viz|Trio character generator system are integrated with Omneon's media server system, with Viz|Weather, a 3D weather software, and Viz|Ticker, a 3D ticker system, to be integrated soon.
"The power of integrated live-action video and animation control provided by the Vizrt system brings significant cost efficiencies to the graphics production of news and sports programs. We are pleased that Vizrt chose Omneon's open native APIs for implementing such production capability," said Geoff Stedman, vice president of marketing for Omneon Video Networks.
Omneon Video Networks

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