Videosys Broadcast IBC 2019 Preview

Videosys Broadcast is a leading supplier of quality camera control systems, RF links and camera backs to outside broadcast providers. At the forefront of technological innovation, Videosys Broadcast has successfully partnered with leading technology companies including, DTC, Wave Central, Hitachi, Panasonic, Ikegami, and Grass Valley . The company manages projects and design from concept to the finished article from its UK head office.

Launching at IBC 2019:
NEW: Epsilon - 4K integrated Camera Control System
- Launching at IBC 2019, Epsilon is a multi-function broadcast RF camera control system that includes a fully integrated 4K decoder and receiver. Comprised of base and head modules, Epsilon is an ideal solution for HD and 4K live sports and music events. Significantly reducing rig time and equipment count, Epsilon delivers wide area coverage in stadia, large studio environments, houses of worship and educational centres, simplifying set-up and reducing production costs. The system works seamlessly with the 4K Aeon-CC TX digital video transmitter to provide the complete 4K wireless RF system.

NEW: Stagebox – Also launching at IBC 2019 is Videosys Broadcast’s Stagebox solution. Stagebox enables the delivery of video, audio and data from A-to-B, over fibre. Using an ad-hoc commentary position as an example, Stagebox enables all the audio and video components (microphone, monitors, talkback panel) to be multiplexed onto a single SMPTE fibre cable and powered remotely. Traditionally, operators would have to run a cable for each feed. Stagebox provides crews with a swiss army knife style production tool enabling all the feeds to be connected to the base unit in the OB truck and multiplexed onto the single SMPTE fibre cable. This reduces significant rigging time and costs. Stagebox can also be used for the lighting director’s position or in a small remote studio.

The system can manage four video and four audio signals in each direction, which can be selected from a small screen, providing confidence to the operator that the correct signal has been selected. Additional features include a monitoring output so the operator can check individual video and audio signals without interrupting the main feed. Stagebox also includes talkback to the OB truck or studio again adding an extra layer of confidence for operators.

Also showing:
Camera Control (CC) System
– The Videosys Broadcast Camera Control System is comprised of three units, Indoor Unit (IDU), Outdoor Unit (ODU) and Camera Receiver (RXSM-E). The CC system provides an end-to-end solution from RCP to camera for the outside broadcaster, allowing them to seamlessly control their camera settings no matter what their location. Videosys’ CC system works with cameras from all the major camera manufacturers and has over 500 deployments worldwide.