Get Your Career Going With YouTube and Moviola

One of the best tools to launch your filmmaking career is free. Let Moviola teach you how to use it.

YouTube has become an online leader in video distribution, giving more people more access to content than ever before. But can it help your career as a filmmaker, or is it simply the realm of amateurs? Moviola has announced a free live webinar on March 7th at 11:30 AM PDT to resolve just that issue. Secrets of the best ways to utilize YouTube, and ways to maximize your viewership will be covered, as well as the best ways to make YouTube work for you and improve your career as a filmmaker. Attendees will walk away with a far better understanding of how to make their work stand out amidst a sea of content.Presenter Three-time L.A. Area Emmy winner Richard Gale has been producing, writing, directing and editing documentaries, feature films, and shorts for over 20 years. He directed and co-wrote the feature films The Proposal starring Jennifer Esposito (Crash) and Stephen Lang (Avatar), released by Miramax, and Pressure starring Kerr Smith (Final Destination).To register for this webinar, visit
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