Softel Swift™ TX Powers Just-in-Time Subtitle Insertion for Harmonic Spectrum™ ChannelPort™ Integrated Channel Playout Solution

Softel today announced that its Swift™ TX subtitling and captioning playout solution is integrated in Harmonic’s award-winning Spectrum™ ChannelPort™ channel playout module. This integration allows the Spectrum family of media servers to support just-in-time insertion of subtitles as content plays, supporting late delivery of caption information in multi-lingual playout applications and facilitating fast and cost effective production-to-playout workflows. ChannelPort system users will also be able to achieve considerable operational efficiency gains and reduced rack space consumption compared to the traditional ‘multiple vendor, multiple hardware unit’ solution.

With regulatory frameworks now requiring subtitles and captions for an increasing amount of content, broadcasters are faced with potentially very complex and inefficient subtitle and caption workflows when diversifying into multiple new formats and video streams. Significant savings can be achieved by processing video, audio and subtitles/captions together on the same platform. The Swift TX integration gives ChannelPort new capabilities, enabling broadcasters, content owners, and service providers to speed up the cost-effective delivery of content to new platforms and simplifies the processing of multi-lingual and multi-format subtitles and captions. Softel’s Swift TX technology also gives the ChannelPort system the ability to load and play single or multi-language subtitle files in all common global subtitle standards including SD and HD closed captions and WST Teletext subtitles.

“Softel is proud to be working with Harmonic, one of the industry’s leading playout vendors.” says Sam Pemberton, CEO of Softel. “Through this relationship, Harmonic’s customers will benefit from the transfer of Softel’s 25+years experience in the creation and transmission of multi-standard subtitle content onto the Spectrum platform.”

"We needed a subtitling and captioning partner that could match our unique high quality media ingest and media broadcast workflows. This partnership will allow our customers to deliver their subtitles and closed captions from within the Spectrum product family," says Mark Cousins, Senior Manager, Media Servers at Harmonic." Softel's comprehensive solution for subtitle and caption playout, Swift TX, delivers that quality and results in cost savings and increased productivity for our Spectrum customers."

More information on Softel products is available at and via email at or by telephone at +44 118 984 2151 in the United Kingdom or +1 203 354 4602 in the United States.