Oxygen DCT Launches A New And Versatile Multi-Viewer Range

Oxygen DCT has consolidated its position as the UK’s premier broadcast equipment supplier by launching a new range of multi-viewers that was shown for the first time at the recent BVE North exhibition.

The comprehensive MRS range incorporates triple rate 3Gbps/HD/SD-SDI and analogue performance and offers the highest picture quality at a surprisingly low cost. With its modular architecture and unmatched display configuration flexibility, the MRS range is ideal for any broadcast application that requires mission critical monitoring.

The MRS range incorporates three frame sizes: a pocket-sized multi-viewer with 4 inputs, a mid-sized unit with 16 inputs and 4 outputs and a large-scale multi-viewer, the MRS-X, which offers 132 inputs and 32 outputs.

Steve Hathaway, Managing Director of Oxygen DCT, says: “The unmatched flexibility of the MRS-X means that broadcasters can accept 132 separate inputs and display them in a large number of different configurations. This includes displaying all 132 inputs on one screen or feeding images to 32 separate screens simultaneously. With ultimate layout flexibility and unlimited signal repetition, this versatile multi-viewer can also be used as a routing system to share sources across multiple rooms.”

Oxygen DCT’s MRS range also delivers peace of mind by incorporating signal probing, on screen alarms and frames that are designed to avoid single point failure. The large-scale MRS-X features dual 132 square cross point cards for redundancy, dual power supplies and redundancy fan cooling systems.

For more information about the new MRS range please visit www.oxygendct.com


About Oxygen DCT:
Oxygen DCT is a broadcasts systems solutions provider with a deep knowledge and understanding of the broadcast and professional media markets. This dynamic organisation has amassed in just over five years, a very extensive and comprehensive products portfolio of over 3000 carefully designed broadcast and production products that represent the pinnacle of engineering excellence. Oxygen DCT was the first company in the broadcast industry to fully implement online facilities for its customers and its unique, comprehensive online ordering facility automatically configures equipment systems for customers, saving time and provides industry professionals with the convenience of immediate online pricing. The 'one-stop-shop' website caters for the smallest requirements whilst also allowing users to prepare their own quotes and place orders online with immediate order confirmation. Oxygen DCT also provides advice, support and expertise as part of its ‘life cycle’ care scheme, ensuring that customers are fully serviced throughout their career life cycles.