Plura Master Clock Solution Brings Broadcast and Production Workflow into Lockstep

PHOENIX, March 25, 2015 — Plura, a global manufacturer of high-performance digital broadcast and video production solutions, will introduce a multi-GNSS receiver and master clock at the 2015 NAB Show (April 13-16, Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth N2718) to serve a variety of time and frequency synchronization tasks for broadcast and production applications. The highly accurate Plura GNS 10 MHz module is a new innovation from the company’s Alpermann-Velte range of networked reference products, and is intended for precise time-keeping in studio facilities, as well as mobile news and production vehicles.

The GNS 10 MHz module includes a built-in receiver to accept time-locked signals with sub-microsecond resolution from all existing worldwide satellite systems, including GPS (USA), Galileo (Europe), GLONASS (Russia), QZSS (Japan) and Compass (China). In addition to global functionality, its rock-solid stability and versatility ideally suits the GNS 10 MHz Module for synchronization tasks such as:

·Time and frequency reference in broadcast facilities (slaving video sync to time code generators, for example)

·Master signal generation for test and measurement applications

·Synchronization across computers for production and playout tasks

·Antenna synchronization between studios and mobile units (newsgathering, outside broadcast)

“Any drift in the signal beyond nanoseconds will resonate across the production workflow, adversely affecting everything from editing to playout automation,” said Ray Kalo, president, Plura Broadcast. “The GNS 10 Module brings exceptional stability through a highly robust oscillator, ensuring broadcasters and consumers are not inconvenienced by lip sync and other on-air performance issues. Leveraging Alpermann-Velte’s years of expertise in timecode solutions, broadcasters are assured a rock-solid reference signal for accuracy and synchronization.”

Plura will offer the GNS 10 MHz module as an option for its Alpermann-Velte Rubidum Series, a range of compact, modular 1RU and 3RU housings for the integration of all-in-one master time code systems. A typical Rubidum chassis can incorporate the GNS 10 MHz Module and Ethernet connectivity alongside distribution amplifiers, time code inserters and readers, blackburst generators and switches, and a wide variety of analog, HD and 3G video signal converters. The Rubidum architecture ensures scalability for multichannel systems requiring additional housings.

Options include a second antenna input and receiver to improve the availability of GNSS signals, with the redundant systems in constant communication to determine which offers the best line of sight to satellite systems—and which receiver has the best reception quality. This redundant architecture is especially ideal for mobile news and production vehicles working out in the field.

ABOUT Plura Broadcast

Plura Broadcast is a leading global manufacturer of a wide range of high-performance multi-function HD and SD LCD video monitors (up to 84") and equipment engineered specially for digital broadcast and professional video production. Plura products offer an incomparable feature set, superior picture quality and extraordinary value and reliability. Plura Broadcast is known for truly affordable high-end features built upon core technology. The company’s solutions include studio and portable video monitors, test and measurement equipment and software, character/template-driven graphics generators, and digital signage systems.

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