Bannister Lake Simplifies On-Air Branding Workflow for Broadcasters

CAMBRIDGE, ON, Canada, August 6, 2014—Graphics automation specialist Bannister Lake has released the second generation of BL Brando, a data-rich, web-based software solution that simplifies how broadcasters dynamically incorporate and continuously update bugs, promos, snipes, sponsor messages, social media hashtags, and other branding elements within one or more program streams. 

As the market leading solution in Canada, Brando has enhanced how the largest Canadian broadcasters create, schedule and manage unique branding content for multiple channels. The second-generation Brando release extends its reach across the workflow—including tighter integration with traffic and automation systems—and adds an alternate version tailored for single-channel operations. Called BL Brando Solo, this single-box solution includes all the power of Brando while reducing the cost and infrastructure for U.S. call letter stations and TV operations that only require branding for one channel.

Importantly, the new single and multi-channel configurations both retain the trademark ease of use that differentiates the initial Brando release from competitive automated branding solutions. This covers everything from graphics design, data integration and scheduling triggers to more advanced workflow-centric applications, such as direct support for editing resources; and reconciliation of content and scheduling changes between graphics and master control. The latter feature, which automates publishing of such changes across the workflow, is especially useful for branding elements like sponsor messages and cross-channel promotions that are associated with monetization. 

“Many graphics automation solutions, particularly for branding, require that end users communicate changes to the supplier in order to accommodate updates and expansions, increasing costs and implementation times,” said Georg Hentsch, president, Bannister Lake. “Brando eliminates that complexity at the end user level by integrating tools that simplify how end users can make adjustments as branding requirements evolve. This ensures that our customers can optimize their branding workflows for ongoing use without hindering progress or affecting the bottom line.”

As with the initial Brando release, the new version also supports an unlimited number of graphic designers and production schedulers depending on operational needs. Web-based content authoring tools also enable multiplatform, web-based content authoring for users across fixed and mobile devices, including traditional desktop workstations, laptops and tablets. This ensures that users can flexibly schedule content months in advance, or make on-the-fly changes up until moments before airtime.

A complete list of new Brando features for the second-generation release can be found at:

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