Wedding Videographers Toast to New 12’ Orion Camera Crane Package From ProAm USA

Piedmont, SC – July 29, 2014 –ProAm USA, a manufacturer of production equipment for film and video enthusiasts and professionals, is now selling the brand new Orion DVC210 12’ Wedding Production Package for just 919.95 USD. This package includes everything a wedding videographer needs – camera crane, tripod, LCD monitor, sunshade, carrying bag and more – to capture every special moment that happens at a wedding, without ever getting in the way of the action.

Wedding videographers hold one of the most important and challenging jobs when it comes to filmmaking: they’re responsible for capturing all the happy moments of a couple’s special day. Having the right kind of equipment is crucial. There’s a fine line between being close enough to obtain great footage and being in the way. Often, wedding videographers have to rely on holding their camera above the guests’ heads, hoping to catch the right shots. With the 12’ Orion DVC210 Camera Crane plus 7” LCD monitor and accompanying accessories, this is no longer an issue. The DVC210 allows filmmakers to remain out of the way but still capture up close and personal shots. It can reach up to 15 feet in the air and extends nine feet out from the tripod. This piece of equipment can single-handedly transform the way weddings are filmed.

The 7” Iris Pro 2 1080i/p HDMI LCD Monitor that ships with the package lets videographers step back from the camera and shoot well focused, framed subjects without having to squint through the small or sometimes non-existent viewfinders in typical DSLR and HD digital video cameras. This allows wedding videographers to keep their distance while still getting flawless shots of the day’s events. It is the perfect companion to the DVC210 crane.

The Complete ProAm USA Wedding Production Package Includes:

  • ProAm Orion DVC210 12’ Crane
  • Steel Support Cables
  • Tilt Brake
  • Tripod and Bearing Mount
  • Crane Carrying Bag
  • 7” HDMI Monitor
  • 7” LCD Sunshade
  • 10’ HDMI Cable
  • BP Battery & Adapter Plate
  • Battery Charger
  • Velcro Cable Straps

Pricing and Availability
The Orion DVC210 12’ Wedding Production Package is now available at the ProAm USA website for just 919.95 USD.

About ProAm USA
Drawing from experience in the video and film industry, ProAm USA began in 2003 and launched its first uniquely designed camera crane in 2004. It was the first tool-less camera crane and one of the first made specifically for consumer and prosumer cameras. Over 10 years, ProAm has become the innovation leader in camera mounting systems with products used worldwide by film and video professionals. ProAm’s mission is to make it easy to shoot amazing video and create incredible films by manufacturing well-designed, superior quality crane and jib systems for high-end hobbyists and professional photographers and filmmakers.

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