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ProAm USA Adds the Taurus Jr. to Its Exceptional Lineup of Cranes and Jibs

A necessity for smooth, flawless filming, ProAm’s new heavy-duty jib system offers a way to effortlessly capture the perfect shot

Piedmont, SC – January 23, 2014 –ProAm USA, a manufacturer of production equipment for film and video enthusiasts and professionals, today announced the Taurus Jr. camera crane/jib. A heavy-duty, dual-arm jib system, the Taurus Jr. extends three feet from the fulcrum and supports camera rigs up to 20 pounds. It offers an auto-leveling design that features a tilt brake and a built-in bearing base. Users can also manually tilt loads up to 10 pounds. The Taurus Jr. is made entirely of high strength aluminum, offering exceptional durability in a sleek, professional package. At a lightweight 12 pounds, the Taurus Jr. is easily transportable, making it ideal for mobile shoots.

“A crane that can support up to 20 pounds for under $300 with features like built-in tilt, pan brake and manual tilt control is practically unheard of,” states Jennifer Melancon, vice president, ProAm USA. “The value is unbeatable.”

The Taurus Jr. is modeled after the popular Taurus XL, one of the highest quality camera cranes available today. ProAm USA cranes are known for their quick setup, making them a vital tool for any filmmaker during the busy process of a film shoot.

“The cranes are just brilliant,” says filmmaker Bohus Blahut, an independent TV and film director and producer who uses ProAm USA products for shoots. “They basically fall together out of the bag – one person can put them together entirely without tools. That’s valuable to me since I usually work alone or with a small crew. It’s really important to be able to go out and set up the crane in five minutes and begin shooting – bing, bang, boom.”

ProAm USA Taurus Jr. Pricing and Availability
The Taurus Jr. will be available in mid-February for just 299.00 USD from ProAm USA. For more information, please visit:

Why Use ProAm USA Cranes and Jibs?
Maintaining a stable picture during filming is difficult, but the use of stabilizing tools such as cranes or jibs can help offer a flawless and eye-grabbing shot, especially due to their large swooping motions. The shots you get from a crane aren’t natural to peoples’ eyes, so shots taken by a crane or jib quickly grab and keep their attention. ProAm USA offers a large selection of cranes and jibs for every occasion. For instance, when working in action shots over some measure of distance, going up to a more sophisticated tripod-mounted crane might give you the best results. A shoulder support is good, but can make for a long day of shooting. A crane lets you create professional pans and zooms without shaking the camera or the tripod.

While camera equipment constantly goes through expensive upgrades, cranes are one piece of equipment that provides jaw-dropping professional results that will still be in use for years to come.“To me, you’re not investing in just a piece of hardware. You’re investing in a killer shot you can’t get any other way,” says Blahut.

Look for a crane that will grow with your expertise and will handle a wide variety of heights, lengths and camera weights. A ProAm USA crane or jib provides the promise of durability and functionality that sets it apart from the competition.

About ProAm USA
Drawing from experience in the video and film industry, ProAm USA began in 2003 and launched its first uniquely designed camera crane in 2004. It was the first tool-less camera crane and one of the first made specifically for consumer and prosumer cameras. Over 10 years, ProAm has become the innovation leader in camera mounting systems with products used worldwide by film and video professionals. ProAm’s mission is to make it easy to shoot amazing video and create incredible films by manufacturing well-designed, superior quality crane and jib systems for high-end hobbyists and professional photographers and filmmakers.

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Taurus Jr. Camera Crane/Jib