TV Storytelling Amplified; Applicaster Brings Viewers, Content and Brands Closer Together

The very essence of TV programs, how they are written, how audiences experience them and interact with them - is inevitably changing to meet viewer lifestyle. By now, many broadcasters and format owners have some sort of video platform for delivering live or VOD content, but it is no longer enough. In order to take ownership of the gap created when viewers are distracted from the TV screen, an asynchronous and asymmetric experience is called for.

TV audience is no longer a passive one; Viewers are much more active and eager to play along, make an opinion, and participate in the making of TV. The companion TV experience makes all that possible, utilizing the social and gamification elements in context with the content they love to watch. The means to engage and excite viewers are plentiful, given the right platform, on which numerous digital modules are built.

This month, in two industry events, Applicaster shares some of the ways in which technology, creative content and second screen, together, form an immersive TV experience transforming viewers into active participants and consumers. Based on innovative digital content products, users vote, explore, discuss and share bits of the plot with friends and family.

The unique and rich entertainment possibilities offered by Applicaster position broadcasters and content owners in a sweet spot where any format can be transformed into an exciting and interscreen TV experience.

Broadcasters and Format Owners are invited to Meet Applicaster at NATPE, Miami [January 27 – 29 @ Tresor Tower Suite 23511, FontaineBleu] to see exciting transmedia digital formats in action or join us at our presentations at CSTB, Moscow [Jan 28 – 30 @ Moscow CrocusExpo].

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