Sony Expands SRMASTER Alliance for Development of 4K Content Workflows

Sony is announcing that Autodesk is the latest member of the production community to adopt its SRMASTER format. Autodesk 2013 extension versions of Autodesk® Flame® Premium, Autodesk® Flame®, Autodesk® Smoke® Advanced, Autodesk® Flare® and Autodesk® Lustre® software will be capable of SRMASTER format processing to support 4K workflows for creative 3D finishing and color grading.

Sony’s SRMASTER format is an open-platform technology for high-quality motion picture content and the recording format of Sony’s CineAlta™ F65 digital motion picture camera system. Autodesk is a licensee of SRMASTER technology, using Sony software development kits and technical support and will offer products with support for this new important digital acquisition format.

The new F65RAW format compatible versions of Flame Premium, Flame, Smoke Advanced, Flare and Lustre -- widely used in Hollywood studios and post-production houses -- are planned to be available later this year. According to Autodesk Media & Entertainment Senior Vice President Marc Petit, “The Sony F65 with true 4K is making a large impact on the industry. We expect the adoption of the SRMASTER format in Autodesk Creative Finishing applications like Flame Premium will help our customers fully leverage its capabilities.”

“Demand for acquisition and production of 4K content is on the rise,” added Petit. “It’s critical that the industry works together to make the workflows from production to post as seamless and open as possible, and we’re pleased certain Autodesk Creative Finishing products will be compatible with the SRMASTER format.”

The SRMASTER format supports F65 RAWand2K/HD MPEG4 SStP (Simple Studio Profile). Members of the Sony SRMASTER alliance include post production companies and manufacturers of content production solutions including on-set dailies, non-linear editing and color grading technology. Several other companies are also working to support Sony's 4K format, with new productions and solutions currently in development.

More than 30 pictures are being shot with the F65 globally. The camera is also shooting TV dramas, commercials and music videos which will begin premiering this fall.

“The F65 and the SRMASTER platforms were developed to benefit the entire industry in the creation of the highest-quality motion picture content,” said Alec Shapiro, president of Sony Electronics’ Professional Solutions of America group. “Sony is committed to enhancing the production industry’s efforts and ultimately enhancing consumers’ abilities to enjoy movie entertainment.”

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