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Looxcie 3 Hands-Free HD Video Cam Now Available for Pre-Order at Adorama

Live stream every action-packed moment with the latest in wearable technology; Adorama’s Mason Resnick takes a first look at the new POV camera from Looxcie

New York, NY – November 18, 2013 – Looxcie, Inc., makers of the first hands-free mobile connected video cam, recently introduced the Looxcie 3 HD Video Cam (more info (opens in new tab)), now available for pre-order at Adorama (, one of the world’s largest photography, video, imaging and electronics retailers. The Looxcie 3 HD Video Cam retails for 99.99 USD. Measuring in at a miniscule 1.5” x 1.5” and 1.3 ounces, the Looxcie 3 features built-in Wi-Fi that allows users to live stream HD 720p video via a smartphone or tablet.

Adorama’s Point of View on the Looxcie 3 HD Video Cam

Adorama Learning Center’s Mason Resnick, a technology and photo industry expert, took the Looxcie 3 hands-free HD video cam for a spin. He finds the tiny on-the-go camera an excellent choice when shooting action-packed adventures from one’s own point of view. Resnick comments, “Anyone who watches the many point-of-view videos that have proliferated on YouTube and Vimeo knows that hands-free action video cameras are becoming insanely popular. Size and weight – especially when you’re doing something like skiing down a mountain or riding a mountain bike on rough terrain – is especially important.”

He continues, “The Looxcie 3, a tiny, light addition to its growing line of hands-free compact HD video cameras, is exceptionally small and light. The Looxcie 3 is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that is good for up to 90 minutes of recording time, and it records onto microSD cards, which can hold up to 64GB per card. Looxcie has developed a line of devices to attach the 3 to your head, your bike handles, and your windshield, so you can get exciting action point-of-view videos.”

Read Mason’s full review here: (opens in new tab)

Designed to be used hands-free, the Looxcie 3 video cam is extremely easy to wear or can be mounted just about anywhere using a variety of accessories. From sailing and white water rafting to mountain climbing or simply enjoying the scenery, thrill-seeking techies can keep the Looxcie 3 safe and sound from the elements with a rugged waterproof case, mount it to bike handlebars or a helmet, or stabilize it with a multi-flex arm mount.

Because it connects wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet, the Looxcie 3 can be used anywhere, any time. Using the Looxcie Mobile app for Android or iOS, users can broadcaster footage to a selective or open audience over mobile networks or Facebook, control the camera remotely, or use the device as a viewfinder. Friends and family will feel like they are right in the action watching a live stream on Facebook or via mobile-to-mobile. For those unable to watch the live broadcast, streams are automatically saved. Adventures can be shared and re-lived any time in the future on the Looxcie mobile site.

Get Social With Looxcie 3

Also now available for pre-order is the Looxcie Social Pack, which includes sleek, attachable case covers in “Royal Red” and “Winter White,” plus lanyards that make throwing on the Looxcie 3 for on-the-go filming simpler than ever. A Rotating Social Clip rotates 360 degrees and adjusts up and down to give shooters the best camera angles. The Ball Cap clip allows videographers to clip the camera onto a cap, while a ¼-20 tripod mount makes it easy to mount the Looxcie 3 onto other accessories with ease. The Looxcie Social Pack retails at 149.99 USD.

Looxcie 3 HD Video Cam Tech Specs

•720p@30 frames per second video recording

•Ultra-lightweight at 1.3 ounces

•Small and compact at 1.8” x 1.8” x .6” thick, smaller than a silver dollar

•Free Looxcie mobile app acts as viewfinder and camera remote control for iOS and Android

•Streams live to Facebook or mobile-to-mobile

•Records onto microSD cards up to 64 GB (class 4 and up) required; not included

•Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with up to 90 minutes of recording time

•Can interact with the viewing audience with voice chat or text chat through the Looxcie Mobile App

•Accessories included are the ¼-20 universal Tripod Mount

About Looxcie

Looxcie, Inc. is a high-tech Silicon Valley company that is shaping the huge market trends of wearable technology, social video streaming, and mobile apps by offering live streaming, hands-free video cameras and apps to the consumer market that frees people to be active participants in the moment, while recording and sharing on the go. Founded in 2008, Looxcie is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. For more information, visit

ADORAMA: More Than aCamera (opens in new tab)Store

Adorama is more than a camera store – it’s one of the world’s largest photography, video, imaging and electronics retailers. Serving customers for more than 30 years, Adorama has grown from its flagship NYC store to include the leading online destination for photography, imaging and consumer electronics. Adorama's vast product offerings encompass home entertainment, mobile computing, and professional video and audio, while its services include an in-house photo lab, AdoramaPix, pro equipment rental at Adorama Rental Company, and the award-winning Adorama Learning Center, which offers free education for photographers in video channels such as the popular Adorama TV.

Adorama is listed as’s “Best of the Web” and in the Internet Retailers Top 100, and is the official Photo and Electronics Retailer of the NY Giants.

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