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Introducing 3Pod Tripods for Photographers and Videographers – a Flashpoint Brand Now Available Exclusively at Adorama

The new 3Pod line by Flashpoint includes ten distinct photography and video tripods ranging from consumer-focused models to rugged, professional tripods designed for on-the-go photographers

New York, NY – October 23, 2013 – Adorama (, one of the world’s largest photography, video, imaging and electronics retailers, recently announced the launch of its brand new 3Pod camera support line from Flashpoint. An in-house brand developed by Adorama, 3Pod is a comprehensive tripod product line featuring convertible tripod/monopod systems, ball heads, quick release plates, video tripods, and tripods for tabletop and travel photography. Born out of the goal to create a stable, economical and highly portable camera support system, every 3Pod tripod features a carefully crafted design. The competitively priced line features tripod systems for nearly every skill set and use, from professional tripod systems built to withstand the rigors of daily travel and use to simple-to-use consumer models. All 3Pod tripods are sold with a padded carrying case, mini toolkit, instruction manual and three-year warranty.

New 3Pod Photography Tripods:

  • PM3A Monopod with H-28Q Ball Head – $69.95 – backpacking and travel photography
  • PTT1H Mini Table Top Tripod with K1 Ball Head – $24.95 – macro, product photography
  • P4AFH FlatFold Tripod with K3 Ball Head – $119.95 – compact for travel and on-the-go shooting
  • P4CFC Carbon Fiber Four-Section FlatFold Tripod – $224.95 – lightweight and super-strong compact camera support system perfect for travel; monopod convertible
  • P4CFH Carbon Fiber Four-Section FlatFold Tripod with K2 Ball Head – $249.95 – multipurpose, convertible support system, super portable; monopod convertible
  • P5ARH Compact Five-Section Reversible Aluminum Travel Tripod with K3 Ball Head – $99.95 – super light, compact tripod ideal for traveling and consumer photography
  • P5CFH Carbon Fiber Five-Section FlatFold Tripod with K2 Ball Head – $149.95 – ideal for traveling professional and amateur photographers alike; monopod convertible
  • P5CRH Carbon Fiber Five-Section Compact Tripod with K3 Ball Head – $124.95 – outdoor / travel-ready design; monopod convertible

New 3Pod Video Tripods:

  • V2AH Aluminum Three-Section Video Tripod with Fluid Head – $139.95 – designed for maximum stability and portability
  • V3AH Anodized Aluminum Video Tripod with Two-Way Fluid Head and Quick-Release Plate – $109.95 – fully accessorized consumer video tripod

Tripods from Adorama’s brand new 3Pod line will be on display at the PhotoPlus Expo on October 24 and 25 in booth 1037. Members of the media are invited to contact Anya Oskolkova at to schedule a private press briefing.

3Pod Convertible Tripod/Monopod Systems
Adorama’s 3Pod line offers four convertible tripod/monopods models constructed of CNC-forged carbon fiber, featuring removable, dual-sectioned center columns that can be used solely as monopods. The metal-jacketed twist locks on the foldable legs offer advanced wear protection, while outdoor-ready spiked feet are revealed under removable rubber grip covers. Tripod/monopod convertible 3Pod models include the P4CFC, P4CFH, P5RH and PFCFH.

The new 3Pod P4CFC tripod (more info) features a non-traditional, flat design that’s geared for travel with its built-in compass. Its 62-inch height collapses into a completely flat, 18-inch package, making it perfect for packing into a case or stacking with other equipment for location shoots. Its industrial-strength carbon fiber holds as much as 28.6 pounds of equipment, making it an ideal choice for on-the-go productions.

The 3Pod P4CFH (more info) tripod features the same system design as the P4CFC, extending up to a max height of 65.5 inches, with additional H2 ball head and quick release plate. The H2 ball head is made of CNC-forged aluminum that can hold cameras weighing up to 28.6 pounds and features a high-quality hydraulic damping. The ball head is controlled with directional adjustment knobs and the panning base rotates a full 360-degrees, perfect for panoramic imaging. The quick-release plate features a universal mounting screw for cameras of all sizes and locks equipment firmly to the ball head.

Adorama’s 3PodP5CRH (more info) model reaches a maximum height of 55.5 inches and weighs in at an incredibly light four pounds yet can still hold up to 22 pounds of equipment thanks to its CNC-forged carbon fiber construction. The K3 professional ball head, an elegantly profiled camera support head, offers superior handling and rock-solid reliability thanks to its modern physics. It features enhanced hydraulic damping and a full 360-degrees of smooth, jitter-free rotation for panoramic shooting. Two bubble levels and positioning metrics are built directly into the ball head for easy calibration. A sliding quick release plate is also included with the ball head and attaches with a simple lever clamp.

The 3Pod P5CFH (more info) flat-folding designer tripod is a super-lightweight carbon fiber camera support system with an elegant burnished pattern on the legs and center column. The abrasion-resistant P5CFH can support up to 20 pounds of gear and is specially designed for easy transport, with the entire unit folding down into a single, flat and compact package at a mere 13.5 inches. Telescoping legs lock with just a half-turn of the reinforced metal-jacketed locks for a quick and easy setup, bringing it its tallest height of 56.5 inches. This tripod can be converted into a monopod and/or paired with the included telescoping center column for extra height. Included with the P5CFH is the K2 professional ball head, a scratch-resistant carbon body ball head that features enhanced hydraulic damping plus built-in bubble levels and positioning metrics for easy calibration. A sliding quick release plate is also included and attaches with a simple lever clamp. A built-in compass on the P5CFH leg platform makes this tripod great for travel photography.

Specialty 3Pod Tripod Systems
Tough yet lightweight aluminum construction and anodized blue accents contribute to both the stunning appearance and superior wear-resistant finish of the 3Pod P5ARH (more info) reversible travel tripod. The legs feature 180-degrees of motion, folding up around the center column for a compact traveling height of just 14.5 inches, but fully extended, the tripod can reach a height of 54.5 inches. A highly portable three pounds, the P5ARH tripod features a convenient, retractable weight hook to provide additional stability as well as a place to hang accessories. Each four-sectioned telescoping leg has three position settings and can be locked in place for use in the most uneven terrain, and the double-jacketed twist locks are designed with a cutting-edge, wear-resistant internal structure making them immune to dust, moisture, changes in temperature and the gradual loosening over time that can occur with inferior locking mechanisms.

The P5ARH 3Pod tripod also includes the K3 professional ball head, which features a scratch-resistant carbon body, enhanced hydraulic damping, 360-degrees of rotation, and two built-in bubble levels. A sliding quick-release plate with a universal ¼-inch mounting screw also comes with the tripod and attaches with a clamp mechanism.

Sliding into just about any suitcase, tote bag or its own padded carrying case, the P4AFH 3Pod(more info) model is a flat-folding tripod made for travelers, featuring a built-in compass on the leg platform. The solid, reinforced aluminum construction, soft comfort grip pad, expanding center column, and double-jacketed twist locks add up to a combined weight of just three pounds, a max height of 61 inches, and a compact folded height of 16 inches. Two built-in bubble levels on the included K3 ball head aid positioning and balance, while the double-jacketed locks offer a level of durability and protection unheard of in similar super-lightweight systems. With an elegant yet subtle striped pattern burnished into the legs and center column, the P4AFH 3Pod brings both style and function to any photographer’s setup.

The PTT1H Mini Tabletop 3Pod tripod (more info) features sturdy aluminum legs that spread wide for a wobble-free foundation on any surface, supporting cameras up to 4.4 pounds. This pint-sized tripod is surprisingly brawny and folds to just seven and a half inches. At a super-light half-pound, the PTT1H Mini Tabletop 3Pod Tripod can be tucked conveniently into any bag or purse for easy transport. The included K1 ball head uses a ¼-inch universal mounting screw compatible with most digital cameras.

3Pod’s PM3A monopod (more info) with H-28Q ball head is the perfect accessory for backpacking and travel photography. At only 2.25 pounds, this 69-inch monopod folds down to just 25.5 inches, making it easy to carry in a travel bag or on a shoulder with the included carrying strap. The PM3A has a sturdy rubber foot for non-slip stability, and a grooved tubular leg with sections that lock tightly into place with one twist. The included H-28Q, 100mm ball head is equipped with advanced locking and drag control knobs, smooth 360-degree rotation, and a quick release with a spring-loaded safety lock pin, which prevents accidental removal of the camera. The 3Pod PM3A will support up to four pounds of camera gear.

3Pod Video Tripods
The V2AH Video 3Pod Tripod (more info) is designed for maximum stability and portability, making it the ideal support system for on-the-go payloads of up to 11 pounds. The three-tiered extendable leg system reaches a full height of 77.56 inches and features sturdy rubber feet, large, easy-to-grasp turning knobs, and a torsion-resistant aluminum center brace for added support.

The V3AH 3Pod (more info) is a model of brute tripod strength and stability with an impressive supported payload of 14.5 pounds. Coming in at 61 inches, the V3AH also features a three-tiered extendable leg system with all the same benefits as the V2AH.

A two-way fluid metal pan head can be attached to the bodies of both the V2AH and the V3AH tripods with a half-bowl adaptor mounting system. It is manipulated by a fully adjustable textured handle, and provides a 360-degree range of silent, jitter-free motion with state-of-the-art dampening, a built-in bubble level, and individual directional locking. The sliding quick-release plate for the V2AH allows placement of each camera at its optimal center of gravity – very helpful when dealing with heavy battery packs or attached cables. Additional handles or left-handed configurations are supported by a flexible dual-rosette design. The sliding quick-release plate included with the A3AH detaches from the pan head with a safe-spring release pin.

3Pod Ball Heads
The 3Pod H1 Ball Head (more info) sports an attractive anodized wear-resistant finish and works with a wide variety of photo and video tripods and monopods. A universal mounting pin in the ball head’s ¼-inch standard clamping quick release plate lets shooters attach most camera types with minimal adjustment required. In line with all of 3Pods’s signature ball head offerings, the H1 employs state-of-the-art hydraulic damping for flawlessly smooth movement and jitter-free panning.

Adorama’s 3Pod H2 Magnesium Allow Ball Headwith Quick-Release Plate (more info) is an elegantly curved camera mount with a unique shape that helps to distribute weight across the shell more effectively. The scratch-resistant carbon body employs advanced CNC-forging technology and a hard protective finish for a wear-free appearance. Enhanced hydraulic damping brings a pleasing, jitter-free fluidity to camera movement. The H2 can support up to 22 pounds of camera gear.

The 3Pod H3 aluminum ball head (more info) features the latest in CNC-forging technology for hard, scratch-resistant durability. It can safely hold cameras that weigh up to 28.6 pounds. A dedicated locking knob for the quick-release clamp protects equipment by fastening the included sliding quick-release plate firmly to the body of the ball head.

The 3Pod H4 aluminum ball head (more info) floats in a super-hard CNC-forged aluminum shell and is a prime choice for heavy-duty photography projects with a supported payload of up to 33 pounds. The smooth movement of the ball itself is controlled with directional adjustment knobs, and the panning base features 360-degrees of movement and a highly visible positioning dial, perfect for techniques like panoramic splicing where exactness is a must. The H4 can be fastened to a tripod body or center column for a variety of projects or can be used alone as a tabletop mount for close-range photography.

ADORAMA: More Than a Camera Store
Adorama is more than a camera store – it’s one of the world’s largest photography, video, imaging and electronics retailers. Serving customers for more than 30 years, Adorama has grown from its flagship NYC store to include the leading online destination for photography, imaging and consumer electronics. Adorama's vast product offerings encompass home entertainment, mobile computing, and professional video and audio, while its services include an in-house photo lab, AdoramaPix, pro equipment rental at Adorama Rental Company, and the award-winning Adorama Learning Center, which offers free education for photographers in video channels such as the popular Adorama TV.

Adorama is listed as’s "Best of the Web" and in the Internet Retailers Top 100, and is the official Photo and Electronics Retailer of the NY Giants.

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