Televisi Republik Indonesia Improves File-Based Workflow With NVerzion NControl Lite Automation

SALT LAKE CITY -- Aug. 13, 2013 -- NVerzion, a leading provider of cutting-edge tools for digital broadcasting and television station automation, today announced that Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI), the government-owned television station in Indonesia, has selected NVerzion NControl Lite to increase the efficiency and reliability of its file-based broadcast operations. Utilizing the highly flexible and scalable automation system, TVRI can control a variety of third-party equipment and quickly deliver a high-quality on-air presentation to viewers.

TVRI operates more than 22 regional television stations throughout Indonesia. The comprehensive NVerzion NControl Lite software and hardware package that is being used on TVRI channels 3 and 4 includes: the NGest professional dubbing and recording software application, NPoint video preparation software for segmenting and trimming, dual NControl on-air transmission playlists for specialized schedule and program management of two transmission channels, the NBase SQL media database manager, the NView database viewer, Ethernet Machine Control (EMC), and a high-performance workstation with dual VGA adapter and GPIO card.

"Being a large, government-run broadcast station that serves the entire country of Indonesia, it's extremely important that we operate under an end-to-end, file-based workflow that is cost-effective and time-saving," said Hadi Purwanto, on-air presentation manager at TVRI. "NVerzion NControl Lite dramatically speeds up our operational workflow, enabling us to manage our daily programming effectively in the on-air playlists, while performing the necessary record and prep functions for all prerecorded content. The end result is increased cost-savings and a consistent on-air presentation for our viewers."

Installed by local system integrator Alfatech Broadcast Solutions at TVRI headquarters in Jakarta, NControl Lite runs on completely off-the-shelf hardware, allowing seamless integration with third-party equipment including playout servers and VTRs. Using NControl Lite, TVRI can quickly perform file-based operations like ingest, segmenting, and playlist creation, maximizing workflow efficiencies and minimizing OPEX and CAPEX. Operators simultaneously access content from a highly intuitive graphical user interface that can be customized to meet any of the 22 regional stations' specific broadcast needs. In addition, NControl Lite features a highly scalable infrastructure that will grow to support TVRI's future needs.

"Since installing NControl Lite, TVRI has been able to automate a number of operational tasks that were previously performed manually," said Reed Haslam, director of sales and marketing at NVerzion. "The increased control brings massive operational efficiencies, cost-savings, and on-air consistency to the TVRI organization."

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