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Dejero at IBC2013

At IBC2013, Dejero will demonstrate its latest innovations in bonded cellular technology that utilize mobile wireless networks to transmit high-quality video for electronic newsgathering (ENG). The Dejero LIVE+ Platform offers powerful capabilities for improving broadcasters' ability to deliver primary and supplemental live video feeds from the field, at a reduced cost and with greater efficiency and ease of use.

Dejero Products on Display at IBC2013:

The Dejero LIVE+ Platform includes the LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter, a portable and rugged bonded cellular transmitter for a wide variety of ENG applications; the LIVE+ NewsBook software that brings cellular transmission capabilities to laptop or personal computers; and the LIVE+ Mobile App for popular smartphones. At IBC2013, Dejero will highlight these core products with the Dejero + Nucomm Connect Live transmitter and Dejero LIVE+ VSET solutions.

Dejero + Nucomm Connect Live Transmitter

Appearing for the first time at IBC, the Dejero + Nucomm Connect Live transmitter is a next-generation camera-mounted bonded cellular and microwave system for electronic newsgathering (ENG). This complete hybrid solution offers news organizations a highly flexible and powerful adjunct to traditional satellite and microwave links for acquiring high-quality video and covering breaking news from the field. The result of a joint technology and product partnership between Integrated Microwave Technologies, LLC (IMT) and Dejero, the new Connect Live system is the most versatile SD/HD live-news wireless camera system on the market today -- showcasing leading-edge innovation from both companies.

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Photo Caption: Connect Live


Making its European debut at IBC2013, Dejero LIVE+ VSET is a 1U vehicle-mount bonded wireless transmitter designed for use in satellite and microwave trucks. The adaptive bitrate encoder on Dejero's LIVE+ VSET reduces the latency and improves the reliability of satellite video feeds. For instance, during rain fade and other atmospheric conditions that cause Ka-band satellite bandwidth to decrease, the Dejero LIVE+ VSET will automatically pick up the drop in bandwidth by transmitting over the cellular networks. Even in ideal conditions when the bulk of data is being sent over satellite, the LIVE+ VSET takes advantage of the lower latency of a cellular connection to deliver an overall decrease in latency on the entire Ka-band system.

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Photo Caption: LIVE+ VSET

New Remote Control Capabilities

The Dejero LIVE+ Platform now gives broadcasters remote control of a mobile transmitter to configure changes and settings, thereby allowing reporters in the field to focus on getting the story. Operators can control Dejero's LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter and LIVE+ VSET mobile ENG systems from any studio or remote location using an HTML5-enabled Web browser. Via the familiar and intuitive 20/20 Transmitter graphic interface, the remote control capability enables joint field/studio operation and provides the ability to control multiple transmitters at once. The system also enables confidence monitoring through a low-frame-rate video preview feature.

New Audio Quality Improvements

The Dejero LIVE+ Platform now features an updated audio codec that improves audio quality at bitrates similar to those offered in previous versions. In addition, Dejero transmitters now apply Dejero's adaptive bitrate encoding -- a technology that was previously applied only to video -- to the audio transmission. Adaptive bitrate encoding adjusts the bitrate assigned to audio, automatically and in real-time, as a function of the bandwidth available on the intelligently bonded connection. The higher-quality audio encoding combined with adaptive bitrate means that audio quality is significantly improved in a wide range of situations.

Dejero Quote:

"Broadcasters across Europe are adopting Dejero's cutting-edge bonded cellular newsgathering solutions to transmit high-quality HD video from the source of breaking news, even in remote and challenging locations. One recent example is the election of Pope Francis at the Vatican, for which journalists used our LIVE+20/20 Transmitters to transmit live video directly from the Piazza at St. Peter's Basilica. At IBC2013 we're looking forward to demonstrating our latest innovations, such as the Dejero + Nucomm Connect Live transmitter, the broadcast industry's first camera-mounted device to bond cellular signals with microwave links for low-latency and highly reliable transmission of HD video."

-- Brian Cram, CEO, Dejero

Company Overview:

Dejero offers the most extensive and versatile range of bonded wireless uplink solutions for mobile newsgathering. Winner of numerous industry awards, the Dejero LIVE+ Platform and its patent-pending Intelligent Connection Management combine adaptive bitrate encoding with the latest advancements in 3G and 4G LTE mobile technologies -- making electronic newsgathering as immediate, portable, reliable, and cost-effective as possible. From any location around the world, the LIVE+ Platform enables both traditional and online broadcasters to transmit high-quality HD or SD live video using a variety of mobile devices, including professional-grade rugged transmitters, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Dejero LIVE+ products can be set up anywhere in seconds to broadcast live to television viewers, stream to the Web, transmit recorded video for later use, share video content with other organizations, or send files remotely. Innovative engineering from wireless experts combined with input from many of the world's top broadcasters has produced the Dejero LIVE+ Platform. Dejero is based in Kitchener, Ontario.