NUGEN Audio at IBC2013

At IBC2013, NUGEN Audio will be displaying a range of industry-leading innovations for loudness correction that offer a smarter approach to complying with new loudness regulations whilst maintaining the quality of broadcast audio. An optional upgrade to the LMB loudness management and correction batch processor and a new multichannel monitoring tool introduce much requested ingest and playout functionality.

NEW -- Optional MXF Support for LMB Batch-Processing Loudness Tool

At IBC2013, NUGEN Audio will display its LMB system, an offline file-based loudness analysis and correction program designed for rapid assessment and correction of files for loudness and true-peak content, compliant with ITU-R BS. 1770 and EBU R128-based specifications. With a drag-and-drop interface and/or specific watched folders, LMB saves operator time by automatically handling the process of checking and conforming files to multiple broadcast criteria. Now, with a new optional feature, LMB will analyze and correct MXF files without converting them to WAV format. With the MXF option, LMB saves corrected files to MXF format and preserves all other data in the file. It supports OP-Atom and Op1a formats, as well as PCM audio data (including D10-encoded PCM). MXF files containing other operating patterns or audio encoding will be treated as previously.

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Photo Caption: LMB Loudness Analysis and Correction Program

NEW -- MultiMonitor: Stand-Alone 16-Meter Loudness Software

At IBC2013, NUGEN Audio will introduce MultiMonitor, a new stand-alone software program that enables users to monitor loudness and true-peak levels on 16 individual meters. Available for Mac(R) or Windows(R) operating systems, the MultiMonitor software integrates with audio consoles to measure loudness in a variety of situations, from live TV or radio broadcasts to complex post-production mixes. MultiMonitor's 16 individual meters can combine to monitor up to 96 channels of audio simultaneously. Each meter can be formatted to mono, stereo, or 5.1 surround sound, with the ability to show both a LUFS/LKFS momentary and true-peak display in a single window. Grouping is possible by color-coding meters on each channel. The software is fully compliant with the CALM Act, ITU-R BS. 1770, ATSC A/85, EBU R128, and other specific standards worldwide.

NEW -- VisLM: Visual Loudness Metering Plug-in With Timecode Feature

NUGEN Audio's visual loudness metering plug-in, VisLM, now includes a timecode feature, making it possible to relate the loudness parameters directly to timecode references. This gives audio engineers and editors a clear frame-accurate position for any alerts, true-peak overs, maximum values, and other indicators to picture. VisLM is available in the Avid(R) AAX format and in a 64-bit OS X(R) version and will now also include support for 64-bit iLok protection for AAX, VST, and audio units.

VisLM includes a dialog gate option that allows automatic measurement of dialog sections within the source material. Measurements can be written to automation tracks so that elements such as the loudness profile and true-peak clips can be seen against the waveform in the digital audio workstation timeline for diagnostic referencing.

With detailed, objective loudness measurement, history, and logging facilities, VisLM provides an easy-to-use ITU, ATSC, and EBU standard-compliant way to measure, compare, and contrast loudness during production, broadcast, and post-production, either on the fly or for entire sections of audio. Offering true-peak level metering (inter-sample accurate level monitoring), loudness range (to help decide if and how much dynamic compression to apply), momentary "instantaneous loudness" for mixing by ear, short-term loudness (three-second time window), and program loudness (long-term integrated loudness measurement), VisLM is a comprehensive tool that helps audio professionals cut through the complexity of loudness compliance.

VisLM is available in two versions, VisLM-C (compact) and VisLM-H (history). Both versions are available in 2.0 and 5.1 formats.

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Photo Caption: VisLM Metering Plug-in

LM-Correct: Stand-Alone Loudness Tool

LM-Correct is ideal for rapid, intuitive correction in situations where time is limited, providing an automatic method of rapidly conforming audio to current loudness standards. LM-Correct can be used as a one-stop loudness correction solution to fix audio that has not been mixed with loudness standards in mind, or in conjunction with a real-time loudness meter such as VisLM to fine-tune audio that has been mixed to loudness requirements from the outset. LM-Correct can also be used as a final "back-stop" processor, ensuring that finished files are within specification and performing a fix where errors are found.

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ISL: Inter-Sample True-Peak Limiter

The NUGEN Audio ISL Inter-Sample True-Peak Limiter is designed for the control of peak levels in audio signals from mono to 5.1. Unlike traditional approaches to limiting, ISL offers a true brick-wall solution, measuring inter-sample peaks and allowing the user to define the true-peak limit of the audio output (rather than the more traditional threshold control at which limiting begins to take effect).

Easy to use and totally transparent, ISL is based on the standardized true-peak algorithms of ITU-R BS. 1770 and related standards, and it is suitable for the control of audio for post-production and broadcast applications. True-peak limiting can also be used to ensure that downstream codecs such as MP3 and AAC do not introduce distortion into the signal. While ISL is designed for limiting relatively dynamic high-quality audio, it can also be used to hard-limit and reduce dynamic range considerably if required.

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Photo Caption: ISL 5.1 True-Peak Limiter

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"IBC is an important show for NUGEN Audio because it gives us an opportunity to show the world's audio professionals how our solutions can help them ensure high-quality, compliant audio with utmost efficiency. The feedback we receive from our customers is that our tools not only save them time and money, but also protect their credibility with their clients, and we'll be showing the process firsthand at IBC2013."

-- Jon Schorah, Creative Director, NUGEN Audio

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