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Digigram at IBC2013

At IBC2013, the Digigram team will feature the company's IP-based audio and video solutions. Digigram will showcase its range of sound cards for automation, studio, and mobile production, as well as mission-critical program play-out. Products on display will include the new PCX/VX-IP Livewire(TM) family, which efficiently bridges radio automation systems to Axia(TM) mixing consoles.

The company also will present a variety of solutions that simplify the capture and delivery of high-quality audio over IP networks. A new mobile app for field contribution, a mic preamp that journalists can use with tablets and smartphones, and the new IQOYA *CALL/LE studio contribution codec are just a few of the solutions that will be making their debut. Digigram will also demonstrate valuable tools for enriching professional content production. Featured products will include Digigram's flagship IQOYA *LINK and *LINK/LE codecs for audio-over-IP distribution for SSL and STL applications.

Finally, Digigram will demonstrate its line of IP video H.264 encoders/transcoders and decoders for video contribution and distribution over IP networks.

Sound Cards for Mission-Critical Broadcasting

Since 1989, Digigram has provided innovative radio automation, studio, and mobile production soundcards for all mission-critical situations, presenting the most complete analog and digital audio range on the market. At IBC2013, in addition to showing its well-established VX and PCX sound card lines, Digigram will highlight ultra-low latency LoLa series and new IP-audio networking sound cards such as VX-IP and PCX-IP Livewire(TM).

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Photo Caption: 8 AES/EBU Input/Output PCI Express(R) Sound Card

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Photo Caption: 8 AES/EBU + 8 Analog Input/Output PCI Express(R) Sound Card

CANCUN 442-Mic High-End USB Sound Card for Reporters and Audio Professionals

Built on a long tradition of no-compromise sound cards, housed in an ultra-robust yet stylish casing, and embedding smart mixing and effects on a powerful dual-core engine, the Digigram CANCUN 442-Mic is the toolbox for which reporters and on-the-go audio professionals have been waiting.

Four excellent mic preamps worthy of high-end digital consoles, a professional level of +25 dBu max, simultaneous analog and AES/EBU support, and latency below 4 ms on both Mac OS(R) and Windows(R) platforms are just some of the high-quality features offered by the CANCUN 442-Mic. The CANCUN 222-Mic offers the same rich capabilities and features as the 442-Mic in a two-input/two-output model. Both devices are designed with an attractive yet durable touch panel (with LED lights beneath the surface) and are built to high specifications, offering high processing power for zero-latency mixing and USB audio 2.0 Class-compliant streaming for Mac OS and iOS apps.

In stand-alone mode, CANCUN simultaneously provides high-quality mic preamps and A/D and D/A converters. A companion software application presents all relevant information (gain values, VU meters, locks, etc.) in a no-fuss fashion. Neutrik(TM) XLR connectivity and breakout cables are included.

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Photo Caption: CANCUN 442-Mic USB Sound Card

IQOYA *MOBILE iPhone(R) App for Remote Audio-Over-IP Field Contribution

At IBC2013 Digigram will demonstrate how the IQOYA *MOBILE iPhone(R) app allows an iPhone to be used as a high-quality AAC and MPEG-L2 recorder/editor IP codec. Armed with just an iPhone, journalists can record audio, edit it, and send the finished piece to the studio either as live audio over IP or via FTP. All that is required is an Internet, 3G, or WiFi(R) connection. IQOYA *MOBILE constitutes a professional-grade contribution solution for setting up a full-duplex connection between a reporter in the field and a newsroom or studio.

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Photo Caption: IQOYA *MOBILE iPhone(R) App

Q-Mic Professional Mic Preamp for Smartphones and Tablets

The Digigram Q-Mic is a professional mic preamp designed for smartphones and tablets. Housed in a lightweight and ultra-rugged casing with professional connectors, it provides the low noise and high gain (up to + 24 dB) demanded by professional dynamic microphones. Its extremely low power consumption (less than 500 microamps) enables long recording sessions and uninterrupted on-air interviews. Practical, affordable, and reliable, it's the perfect companion for professional field reporters.

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Photo Caption: Q-Mic Professional Mic Preamp

IQOYA *CALL/LE Audio-Over-IP Codec for Professional IP Audio Contribution

During IBC2013, Digigram will highlight IQOYA *CALL/LE, which allows users to build reliable ultra-low-latency IP audio contribution links while keeping costs under control. IQOYA *CALL/LE is a cost-effective and versatile addition to the IQOYA range of audio-over-IP (AoIP) codecs. It easily provides full-duplex IP audio sessions over standard Internet and 3G connections thanks to its hassle-free symmetric RTP connection mode. As a true IQOYA family member, *CALL/LE shares in the benefits of the family's FluidIP(TM) IP audio streaming engine including smart jitter, loss, and drift management; QoS optimization; end-to-end stream redundancy strategy; stability; and ultra-low latency.

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Photo Caption: IQOYA *CALL/LE Audio-Over-IP Codec

IQOYA *LINK and *LINK/LE Audio-Over-IP Codec for Professional IP Audio Distribution

The IQOYA *LINK and *LINK/LE are rock-solid, full-featured stereo IP audio codecs for mission-critical program delivery. Their multiple failover programs, impressive list of audio codec algorithms (MPEG-L2/3, Fraunhofer AACs, eaptX, etc.), and connectivity to Axia Livewire(TM) networks match the stringent requirements of serious broadcasters looking for true 24/7 reliability. With the *LINK model, users enjoy easy and quick operation thanks to a color LCD user interface. Featuring Digigram's FluidIP(TM) technology and designed from the start for dual-stream operation, IQOYA *LINK and *LINK/LE will demonstrate their ability to assure broadcast-quality audio transmission on imperfect IP networks.

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Photo Caption: IQOYA *LINK and *LINK/LE Audio-Over-IP Codec

IQOYA *SERV/LINK Multiple-Stereo or Multichannel Audio-Over-IP Codec for Professional IP Audio Distribution

For custom multiple-stereo or multichannel solutions, Digigram offers the IQOYA *SERV/LINK, which groups several distribution codec instances and features FluidIP(TM) technology on a single processing hardware platform. In addition to the 3U horsepower version of *SERV/LINK, Digigram will highlight the new 1U version, particularly suitable for MADI and multichannel audio networking interfaces.

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Photo Caption: IQOYA *SERV/LINK Audio-Over-IP Codec

PCX-IP and VX-IP Livewire(TM) Sound Cards

Digigram's PCX-IP and VX-IP Livewire(TM) sound cards enable broadcasters to interface with Livewire networks. As the company will demonstrate at IBC2013, the new PCX-IP Livewire is the ideal solution for broadcasters that need to bridge their radio automation solutions to or from an Axia Livewire-compatible network. A considerable improvement over a pure software approach, this model makes it possible for users to take advantage of Digigram's legendary PCX audio quality, as well as the inherent performance stability, low latency, and instant fader start of this dedicated hardware solution. The sibling VX-IP Livewire card also fits perfectly into this range with the same technical performance.

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Photo Caption: PCX-IP Sound Card

AQORD *LINK IP Video Encoder/Decoder for Contribution

AQORD *LINK is the professional's choice for high-quality live broadcast contribution. This reliable hardware encoder/decoder delivers live event IP contributions to studio, SSL, STL, or studio-to-CDN applications in any point-to-point or point-to-multipoint application. AQORD *LINK provides simultaneous HD/SD live encoding, transcoding, and local recording on up to two video channels from SDI video inputs, recorded material, or IP streams.

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Photo Caption: AQORD *LINK IP Video Encoder/Decoder

AQILIM *FIT and *SERV/FIT IP Video Encoder/Transcoder for OTT/Web TV Delivery

The powerful software core of the AQILIM *SERV/FIT and *FIT enables multiple HD/SD IP streaming resolutions and formats, H.264 codec encoding, and MPEG-2 transcoding sessions from up to two SDI inputs. With integrated HLS, MPEG-TS, and Flash streaming support to connect with key CDN providers, Digigram's AQILIM range provides a complete live multiscreen delivery system for WebTV, OTT, and IPTV applications.

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Photo Caption: AQILIM IP Video Encoder/Decoder

Company Overview:

Positioned at the convergence of professional audio and video with IT, Digigram offers IP-based solutions that enable users worldwide to increase their competitiveness through change.

The company's products enable the reliable capture, production and delivery of high-quality audio and video over IP networks. Its innovative IP audio codecs, professional sound cards, and audio processing software are used by thousands of journalists, broadcasters, and audio engineers worldwide. Digigram's all-IP video product line provides advanced contribution and distribution solutions to broadcast, IPTV, Web TV, and OTT operators. The company also delivers key audio/video technologies and OEM solutions to software vendors and manufacturers.

For more than 25 years, through constant innovation and the development of fruitful partnerships, Digigram has been influential in energizing the industry, raising standards, and pushing forward technological development.

Further information on Digigram and its product portfolio is available at