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Multi-channel Plenum-rated SMPTE camera interconnect system

The search for what gets projects the green light.

THE PROJECT IS AT A CROSSROADS. It’s going to proceed or be shelved in the next five minutes based on someone else’s idea of its viability. What’s going to be that one detail – that X factor – that ensures the project moves forward? It just may be the choice of cable.

Even the most visionary projects that promise quantum leaps forward and increasing returns over time often come to a point where they’re “go” or “no-go” based on upfront cost. This is a simple reality. It’s also the reason many engineers are specifying the Nemal Stadium 4 fiber optic cabling system for their projects. 


The 4-fiber cable and its versatile array of breakout panels and termination options, makes it possible to achieve substantial savings in overall cost, weight, cable size, and installation time as compared to similar projects.

This makes it a sought after X factor that can help projects overcome not only cost pressure, but all of the most common obstacles that stand between a good plan and an active project.


Budget limitations are the bane of most every construction or renovation project. They’re the limiting factors with the greatest influence on a project’s scope and viability.

By specifying a single cable that does the work of four, material costs are substantially less. This also drastically reduces on site installation time and costs by pulling one cable instead of four.

Even when the project may not initially require a 4-cable system money can be saved down the road by using the versatile and upgradeable Stadium-4 System. Use only the number of connections needed now and simply plug in additional modules whenever ready.

Or 30% less.Add in the substantial additional savings in installation, and it translates to serious money.

Whether renovating a centuries-old building or raising a brand new 60,000-seat stadium, it seems like space is always at a premium. Every square inch is dedicated to a purpose and not one can go to waste.

This is another instance in which a 4-in-1 cabling solution shines. Such compact systems reduce the overall space occupied by cables. That can add up to a significant amount of room for other cables and materials – especially when running the extreme distances between a broadcast booth and the field.

Additionally, custom-crafted modular panels, boxes, and enclosures allow the system to be configured using the available space. No cabinet is too small, and no corner too far out of the way.

In other words, 39% smaller.

* With a Stadium-4 Plenum System a conduit is not necessary in most cases.

Even the most reliable system will eventually require maintenance. It’s a fact.

It’s also a fact that most fiber optic cabling systems require specialized tools and highly trained teams of technicians to perform the required maintenance.

As part of a complete HDTV camera system, the pigtail design on a Stadium-4 Plenum System allows for ease of installation and maintenance by quickly adapting the hybrid cable to industry standard connectors.

With Nemal Electronics SMPTE pigtails, maintenance time and expense will be substantially less than typical SMPTE interconnect systems.The pigtails are also available with custom lead lengths, and as part of a complete panel.

Substantially reduce on-site installation time and future maintenance.

2-minute change-out using only a simple screwdriver.

Ideal for use with Nemal Electronics FOPA panels.

Part Number = Base Part Number - Rear Fiber Interface - Rear Electrical Interface - Length (IN)

Typical part number: FO-PTP-SC-CPC-14IN (LEMO male pigtail with SC and CPC Interface, 14-inches long)

* Available in a wide variety of configurations:
• SMPTE Interface: LEMO (male or female) or Neutrik opticalCON
• Fiber Connectors: ST, SC, or LC (UPC or APC)
• Electrical Connectors: CPC or Molex

* Ideal for use inside Nemal Electronics FOPA panels (no strain relief)


This is another opportunity to introduce an X factor. By specifying a system designed to interface with commonly available connectors and using tools often found in any toolbox, untold sums can be reallocated from maintenance budgets to more immediately impactful causes.

Such systems can also reduce production delays, as no time is lost waiting for crews or parts to arrive. Field-serviceable connectors and common-sense construction enables these systems to be maintained by anyone who works in the industry - no special certifications required.

Conditions change and technologies unrelentingly drive forward. To stay viable, cabling systems must be both scalable and flexible.

Many engineers are discovering they can go a long way towards future-proofing their projects by using a cabling system that allows them to easily add or upgrade cameras and other equipment.

The Nemal Electronics Stadium 4 Plenum System enables users to switch between LEMO, Neutrik or other fiber connectors and/or change genders, all using only a simple screwdriver.

With universal modules and the ability to connect up to eight camera positions in each two rack unit space, a single rack can easily support up to 100 cameras simultaneously.

Whatever the future holds, the Stadium-4 Plenum System can handle it.

Regardless of how impressive a system looks on paper, it still depends on people who design, manufacture and implement it. The X factor here is selecting a team experienced at working in active production facilities and under extreme deadline pressure.

Carefully chosen teams can actually help make a project more viable. This extends to the team that develops the technology.

Nemal Electronics, a leader and innovator in the broadcast cabling industry since the 1970s, continues to offer cutting edge solutions to some of the most challenging broadcast installation issues.

Having developed the first reusable fiber optic cable connector specifically designed for slo-mo cameras in 1998, they also completely reinvented the industry standard 12-channel, 37-pin audio connector. This earned them a patent for their DT12 audio connectordesign. Later, their CAVU camera-mounted fiber optic system brought a new level of studio quality and control to remote broadcasting.

Nemal Electronics manufactures a wide range of Stadium series cables including extended distance, Riser, and Plenum versions.

With decades of experience assisting some of the most recognizable broadcasters in the United States and abroad, Nemal Electronics has the know-how and to turn any concept into reality.