Pixel Power trusted in a time of technical & corporate turbulence

Pixel Power, the global automation, branding and graphics innovator, is focusing on risk management for broadcasters in transition at NAB2018 (Las Vegas Convention Center, 9 – 12 April, booth SL3829). Using its recently introduced StreamMaster Media Processing and Gallium Workflow Orchestration technology platforms, it will show how highly efficient game-changing workflows can be established today whilst supporting the user through a managed and future-proof transition from SDI to IP.

In particular, the NAB demonstrations will focus on Gallium PLAYOUT, StreamMaster DELIVER and StreamMaster BRAND products, which bring proven software to the key issues of channel branding, master control and playout automation. As broadcasters are being required to create and deliver content to multiple platforms such as VOD, Catch-up and OTT Pixel Power is demonstrating how easy it is to prepare such assets with fully automated, budget friendly solutions. Equally applicable to linear and non-linear delivery, systems based on these technologies are already implemented at major broadcasters in the USA and around the world. Each can be implemented in dedicated hardware on-premise, virtualized in a data center, or in the public cloud.

For the third year running Pixel Power will be demonstrating live master control switching and automation from the AWS cloud.

“This is a time of turbulence for our industry,” said James Gilbert, CEO of Pixel Power. “The reality is that IP is simply an enabler for the opportunities that software defined solutions offer. The broadcasters I talk to all emphasise the need to take it carefully, step-by-step, to ensure they do not suffer any enforced limitations to the way they work while at the same time gain the benefits that software defined solutions can deliver.

“Customers are also seeing uncertainty, with the inevitable consolidation causing real concern over the future of existing and legacy solutions,” Gilbert added. “Pixel Power has remained an independent, privately held business dedicated to the broadcast industry for 30 years. Users have trusted us to deliver high quality graphics, branding and playout automation, and today are turning to us to support them through the coming changes with agile and responsive practical solutions.”

The software-defined nature of StreamMaster ensures it can be tailored to the user’s needs. There is still a lot of life left in SDI, even while SMPTE ST2110 is leading to practical IP solutions. StreamMaster is future proofed for the transition as demonstrated by the speedy deployment of other IP transports such as NewTek NDI. As CEO James Gilbert explained, “broadcasters cannot risk a big bang solution that has all the possibilities of going bang.”

Gallium PLAYOUT, StreamMaster BRAND and StreamMaster DELIVER will be demonstrated, alongside the rest of the Pixel Power Smarter Content range, at NAB2018. Catch up with James Gilbert and the Pixel Power team on booth SL3829.