Glensound Audio Technology Keeps Goodman Audio Services on the Cutting Edge

Trace J Goodman

Trace J Goodman

Los Angeles, CA – June 2018… Goodman Audio Services, Inc. of Los Angeles, an audio company that serves the live event, special event, television, corporate, and entertainment event industries were recently contracted to design and deploy a broadcast audio and communications system in Burbank California for a large interactive gaming and entertainment company. Trace J Goodman, president, system designer, and project manager at Goodman Audio Services, deployed several products from the Glensound product line for the new esports venue, which include eight Inferno Single Commentators Boxes for Dante® audio networks, four Vita Plus Commentary Units with Talkback and Dante Interfaces, a Beatrice Mix32 fixed ratio mixer with compressors, and four Dark88 Dante Audio Network 8 Input, 8 Output break out boxes.

“For this project,” Goodman explained, “We designed and provided the audio systems for broadcast mixes, audience PA, hallway speaker systems, commentator boxes, wireless mic, and IFB (interruptible foldback), along with a full production wired, wireless PL, and radio interface communications system—all connected through Dante. The Glensound products assume an integral role in delivering both the audio quality and the system flexibility necessary for a venue of this nature.”

“Of the Glensound products,” Goodman added, “the Inferno commentator boxes are the units we rely on the most to support the commentators. A key reason we selected the Inferno boxes for this function was the inclusion of a Dante interface. A single CAT5 connection to a POE (Power Over Ethernet) switch anywhere on the Dante network, having complete control over gain structure, and the ability to provide multiple mixes and feeds within nearly seconds of the request, made the Inferno the ideal choice for this project.”

According to Goodman, “The most important feature we required of the commentator boxes—and that Glensound met—was the ability to adjust mic gain over the Dante network while the mic was being used. Not having to wait for a break and then bother the commentator to adjust their box was a major advantage of the Inferno and Vita Plus. Equally important, it sounds and operates great. We’ve been so pleased with our Glensound equipment that we recently added 6 Inferno commentary units, 2 Dark 88 network audio interfaces, plus a Dark 1616M analog and AES interface with remote mic amps.”

“We also utilized the Vita Plus commentator boxes for the voiceover booth and remote stages,” Goodman added. Goodman utilizes the Beatrice Mix32 fixed ratio mixer to provide fixed, predetermined Dante mixes, which is available to mix IFBs and any channels that need to be combined to a single output. “We use the Glensound Dark88 I/O’s, which provide easy access to and from the Dante network, in various places throughout the facility,” Goodman said.

When designing and deploying a sophisticated studio production audio and communications system of this size and using some products that are newer to the market, having top-notch quality support from the manufacture is key. “Ever since we first started working with the Vita Plus, we’ve had a very positive experience with the support we’ve received from Arne Toshner at ASK Sales,” says Goodman. “All of our questions were immediately addressed by either Arnie or by getting Glensound support on the line. Glensound support services were and continue to be unsurpassed. “We have not experienced manufacturer support like this anywhere else.”

Goodman and the engineers using the systems implemented in the studio report that the Glensound products are delivering beyond expectations, “The Glensound products sound great and deliver a wealth of functionality. Combine this with the support and attention to customer satisfaction that Glensound and ASK Sales has shown and you have a winning combination.”

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