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At CES, ATSC 3.0 home gateways enabled NextGen TV capabilities on standard TV sets

Seoul South Korea; January 31, 2020: At CES 2020, NexGen TV sets that can receive ATSC 3.0 signals were introduced by many of the world’s largest consumer electronics companies, including Samsung, LG, and Sony. While this is a huge boost for NexGen TV, it will take time before most US households own one of these new TV sets. Luckily, CES 2020 also saw demos of ATSC 3.0 home gateways that can deliver many NextGen TV services to standard TV sets, bridging the gap until new TV sets are purchased.

One advantage NextGen TV has over current US TV that is that it can be received on mobile devices. This was demonstrated in the Saankhya Labs suite, where a standard tablet received live mobile TV using a DigiCAP Home Gateway device with a Saankhya Labs ATSC 3.0 dongle.

Another advantage NextGen TV has over current US TV is that it is based on the same Internet protocols as the Internet itself. This enables NextGen TV to be integrated with OTT channels to simplify the home viewing experience. At the ATSC booth, Sinclair Broadcast Group demonstrated how an ATSC 3.0 home gateway (from DigiCAP) can simplify home viewing of OTA (over the air) broadcast channels by seamlessly integrating them into a popular OTT application. The demo showed that switching between OTA broadcast channels and OTT programs was as simple as switching between different OTT programs within an OTT app.

While having TV sets and devices that directly receive NextGen TV is the long-term goal, ATSC 3.0 home gateway products offer access to many NextGen TV capabilities for viewers using standard TV sets and devices for the short-term. 

About DigiCAP 

DigiCAP builds white label/customized ATSC 3.0 home gateway products and develops digital content protection and distribution systems for numerous broadcasters and telecommunication companies and governmental bodies. The company offers end-to-end solutions for ATSC 3.0, standards-based broadcast delivery platforms, including: Signaling, Electronic Service Guide (ESG), Multiplexer, Broadcast Gateway (Scheduler), and IRDs. The company has commercially deployed complete systems in Korea. DigiCAP Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2000 and is based in Seoul, South Korea.
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