Sonoris Products at AES New York 2017

AES New York 2017 Preview

Sonoris Product Preview 

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Sonoris Products at AES New York 2017

DDP Creator 4

At AES New York 2017, Sonoris will demonstrate DDP Creator 4, a major upgrade of the company's stand-alone cross-platform disk description protocol (DDP) authoring application. Now boasting even greater compatibility with virtually any DAW software on the market, DDP Creator enables users to assemble a professional Red Book-compatible audio CD and then export the CD product to a DDP 2.0 fileset.

Among many other improvements, the upgraded DDP Creator features a new user interface, new loudness-metering capabilities, and enhanced security through encryption — protecting masters from tampering by requiring the use of a security key. Expanded editing capabilities give users built-in functionality that once required a third-party DAW solution. In addition, DDP Creator lets users include a client logo on the CD's PQ sheet.

Sonoris Dither Plug-in Upgrade

Making its North American debut at AES New York 2017 will be the newly upgraded Sonoris Dither, a high-quality audio plug-in for mastering professionals that makes it possible to quantize audio to a lower bit depth with dither while lowering the noise floor — often enough to eliminate the need for noise shaping. Sonoris Dither has been completely rewritten for all major plug-in platforms, with an enhanced algorithm and a modern graphical user interface that matches Sonoris's other plug-ins. This set-and-forget dithering plug-in suits all types of mastering professionals, whether they rely heavily on dither or they simply want to lower the noise floor of their projects.

Widely used by mastering studios because of its subtle yet proven effect, dithering adds just the right amount of low-level noise before cutting out extra bits, thereby preventing the nonlinear distortion that would otherwise result. However, while preventing distortion, dithering can lead to a slightly higher noise floor. Noise shaping can make the effect less noticeable, but it depends on the type of music, the listener's sensitivity, and the engineer's preference.


About Sonoris

Sonoris develops high-end audio products for the recording and mastering professional. The company's multiplatform software ranges from a complete line of audio plug-ins to stand-alone DDP solutions. The software developed by Sonoris is used in mastering studios around the world.

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