Auralex® Kicks Off Yearlong 40th Anniversary Celebration

– World’s leading brand of acoustical treatments reflects on 40-year history and looks to the future –

Indianapolis, IN –Auralex® Acoustics, Inc., the world’s leading brand of acoustical treatments, is pleased to be celebrating its 40th anniversary year throughout 2017. As part of this landmark event, Auralex will be offering special limited-edition commemorative products, exclusive value-added rebates, and other surprises for loyal Auralex dealers and end users.

Eric Smith, company Founder and President, began the Auralex journey in 1977. He recalls, “I was 17 years old, and I applied for a job at the number-one FM radio station in Indiana, a powerhouse 50,000-Watt operation. I became acutely aware of how poor the acoustics in the control room were, just as they were in other radio facilities I found myself in subsequently. At the same time, I had a mobile and nightclub DJ business, where I was designing DJ systems. I was using a well-known acoustical treatment for these DJ rigs, but it would crumble, falling onto the records as they were spinning. I was looking for a better product that was affordable, had longevity, and would stand up to the rigors of the road. That’s when I began to focus on developing practical, real-world, cost-effective solutions, and the roots of the Auralex brand were born.”

Smith allowed his varied background and interests to help shape the goals of the Auralex brand, and that has helped drive a market-driven corporate culture. He notes, “Our staff will tell you that we consistently remind each other to think like the man on the street, which helps us keep our product innovations well-grounded and appropriate for a wide demographic.”

As the leading acoustical treatment brand in the marketplace, Auralex has distinguished itself in a number of ways. While not selling direct to end users (instead using a worldwide network of dealers and distributors), Auralex’s personalized customer service and free room analysis is acclaimed throughout the industry, providing tailor-made solutions and real, informed purchasing consultation, as well as a robust artist relations program. “I don’t think it’s boastful to point out that at least half of the people on our staff have Master’s degrees, and a lot of them have shared the stage with chart-topping artists from around the world. These are experienced specialists, and it is our goal to serve dealers, contractors and end users with efficiency and expertise. Our philosophy is driven by the Golden Rule: to treat our customers with respect.”

Looking forward, Auralex will continue its recent strategic expansion, which has seen it grow exponentially into markets all around the globe. “We have strongly attacked a number of channels and have laid significant groundwork that will pay dividends for many years to come. Bad sound is everywhere, and we are eager to provide solutions far and wide – studios, home theaters, houses of worship, corporate and commercial spaces, and far beyond.”

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