Miller Camera Support, LLC Helps Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation Rise with Air Alloy Tripod System

MANSFIELD, GA, OCTOBER 4, 2016 — When co-founder of the Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation Wesley Jones fell 20ft from a tree at nine years old, he and his family knew that his life would be forever changed. Having been confined to an electric wheelchair ever since, Wesley and his brother Reggie created the Triumph Over Tragedy Foundation to provide care and support to victims of spinal cord injuries and their families. Through donated camera support equipment, including the AIR Alloy Tripod System, from Miller Camera Support, LLC, the Foundation is able to document inspirational stories and personify these devastating tragedies. 

“From my experience, Miller lives up to its mission of providing quality products that can withstand any task presented,” says Jones. “Having reliable equipment that completely does what it is supposed to do is crucial in documenting these stories in a quality manner. Miller’s AIR Alloy Tripod system guarantees that we will capture a smooth and steady shot and the company has also helped to improve our quality in telling the families’ stories who are facing unimaginable tragedy.”

Since becoming a quadriplegic, Jones and his brother formed the foundation as a means to help families realize that it is not the end but only the beginning. Using a three-pronged approach, Triumph Over Tragedy focuses on bringing support to the family from the initial onset of illness or injury, adapting to life post injury or illness through home modifications, and creating an escape from the stress caused from the injury or illness by providing access to handicap accessible vacation properties. 

Jones and his team of videographers also document each of these families’ stories that they use as promotional materials for the foundation to further spread recognition on the injury and what the entire family will face moving forward. Jones, who has over 10 years of experience as an executive producer for a national outdoor television show Unlimited Outdoors, looks to Miller Camera Support, LLC, as his go-to for camera equipment. 

Miller's Australian-made AIR Alloy Tripod System is purpose-built for professional DSLR and HDV photo-videographers that want genuine quality with a true 75mm ball levelling fluid head, at an affordable price. The lightweight (4.80kg/10.6lb) AIR system is perfect for payloads ranging from 2-5kg (4.4 - 11lbs). It has a minimum height of 371mm (14.6in) and a maximum height of 1762mm (69.4in). 

“We share these stories because they help to inspire not only the people going through similar situations, but they touch the hearts of everyone that views them,” adds Jones. “We are extremely gracious that Miller was generous enough to donate several support systems to our foundation. As we continue our work, we feel it a privilege and honor to have Miller on our team.”

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