Waves Introduces the H-Series Bundle

KNOXVILLE, TN,Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies, introduces the H-Series bundle.

The H-Series is a collection of Waves’ flagship Hybrid plugins, which model the original behavior of diverse analog gear and boost it with the precision and limitless creative possibilities of digital control.

The Waves H-Series combines all of Waves’ Hybrid plugins in one package:

Waves H-Reverb: A beautiful-sounding FIR reverb with rich and smooth reverb tails that sit beautifully in the mix; resonant filter sweeps; EQ and dynamics module for compression, ducking and de-essing; ADA analog modeling and drive control; full buildup timing and shaping; and pre-delay BPM sync.

Waves H-Delay: A super-versatile delay, with options ranging from old-school delays to cutting-edge effects. H-Delay offers up to 3500 ms delay time; variable pitch delay time behavior; analog character and LoFi modes; infinite feedback support; LFO-controlled pitch modulation; and sync-to-host or manual BPM.

Waves H-EQ: Vintage and modern EQ filters inspired by the finest British and American mixing consoles. H-EQ offers users seven filter types per band; newly developed asymmetrical bell filter; exclusive MS matrix mode; real-time frequency spectrum analyzer; and keyboard graphic.

Waves H-Comp: A compressor that combines the modeled behavior of transformers, tubes and transistors with the precision that only a plugin can provide. Features include analog-modeled release behavior; wet/dry mix control for easy parallel compression; transient pass-through punch control; BPM-synced release; analog character modes; and output limiter/clipper modes.

The H-Series reflects Waves’ vast experience gained from years of modeling classic analog processors. These plugins blend the best of yesterday's sound with today's pioneering technology. The result is a series of unique Hybrid plugins—mixing tools that go beyond what purely analog-modeled or purely digital plugins can do. The H-Series brings these Hybrid plugins together for the first time.

Learn more:www.waves.com/bundles/h-series

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