Pixspan Introduces PixMover™

Rockville, MD (April 12, 2016) - Pixspan, Inc., the leading storage and bandwidth workflow technology company, will unveil its PixMover™ software package at NAB 2016. As 2K, 4K and 6K proliferate in the media and entertainment space, PixMover™ enables users to manage massive amounts of full-resolution files and uncompressed camera raw data while achieving a 50-80% saving on storage and bandwidth with no loss of image quality. 

"PixMoverTM enables customers to do the creative work they do best while effectively expanding their storage workspace," says Michael Rowny, CEO of Pixspan. "This makes it possible to take on more work while avoiding the inconvenience of resorting to short-term storage on tape or major delays with storage upgrades. PixMoverTM allows 4K workflows on infrastructure originally designed for HD or 2K, which is important in today's world of increasing resolutions and tight deadlines."

PixMover™ builds on Pixspan's groundbreaking, high-speed technology for an easy-to-use solution to complex data wrangling across the entire image chain - from on-set, through post to final assets. It features Pixspan's 4K bit-exact compression, which reduces the massive size of image files by packing them in to digital intermediate files or camera raw data (EXR, DPX, Cineon, ARRIRAW, Canon RAW, etc.). With PixMover™ software, Pixspan's smaller files take up 50-80% less space, making them easier to store and move.

Operating on both CPU and GPU servers, PixMover™ is Linux, Mac, and Windows compatible, providing users with great flexibility in selecting their platform of choice.

Users can opt to "squeeze" current files in place or move them to different storage volumes for restoring back mathematically lossless frames later. In either case, space is freed up to accommodate new projects, avoiding the need for extensive network and storage upgrades.

To maximize workflow, PixMover™ includes a powerful "previewer" feature that provides a thumbnail image of each encoded .pxz image. Thumbnails can be viewed instantly without the need for further processing or special software. Currently, Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems do not natively open camera raw or digital intermediate files, except for TIFF. Now users can immediately verify a file's content without using a special application to open it in full resolution. This saves a large amount of time and effort normally required to create and track proxies, while simultaneously reducing storage needs.

"No other software solution offers PixMover's™ combination of speed, capacity and affordability while working with 2K, 4K and higher digital intermediate files as well as camera raw," adds Rowny. "As true pay-as-you-go software, PixMover™ also redefines workflow as a service. Working with off-the-shelf hardware, it's a plug-and-play solution."

Subscriptions are available for terms as short as one month. For more information, visit www.pixspan.com

To arrange a PixMover™ demo at NAB 2016, please contact Laura Coover at laura@pixpsan.com.