Miller Camera Support Brings Indiana University’s Hoosiers Football into Focus for 2015 Season



Air Tripod System’s Compact Size and Lightweight Nature

Scores Touchdown with Video Operations Department

BLOOMINGTON, IN, September 1, 2015—When the Indiana University Hoosiers football team opened its 2015 training camp on August 6, Miller Camera Support Equipment, a leader in the production of innovating camera support solutions, was once again on and above the field to support its video operations department.

Indiana University Football Director of Video Operation and Technology Joel Baron has been using Miller equipment for eight of the 13 years he’s been with the school. “I met with Miller at a convention a while back, where I was looking to purchase some new tripods,” he says. “When it came to what the tripods were made out of, and what you got for the money, Miller just blew away the competition. I looked at several other manufacturers, and anything with the components Miller had was much more expensive. It was a no-brainer. Week in and week out, the gear allows our players and coaches to be better prepared to face the challenges of our opponents.”

Baron and his crew, comprising one full-time assistant and approximately six to nine student workers, employ multiple Miller Air tripod systems every day to record team practice. This can require up to six cameras. The crew is responsible for recording multiple angles of video, which the football coaches use to teach the players how to carry out a play properly. The crew also captures footage for coaches to scout the team’s opponent to determine the best defense strategies, and show players how to improve their skills and techniques. Off the field, the gear also plays a role in post-production shoots, interviews and various other football-related activities.

“The Miller gear’s compact overall size and weight is great for long walks to filming locations in football stadiums,” adds Baron. “The overall strength helps so much because you do a lot of panning and tilting. They’re balanced really well, which makes things a lot easier to do with our cameras. They are very durable tripods that can take a beating. Not only that, compared to other manufacturers, when there is a repair to be made, it is something that the user can do instead of having to send that tripod back to the company.”

The Indiana University video crew works with Panasonic model AG-AC160, Panasonic AG-HPX370 and Canon DSLR cameras. Various networks, including ABC, CBS Sports, ESPN, the NFL Network and NBC Sports, along with HBO’s Hard Knocks program, have used footage from Baron and his crew to showcase Hoosier players who are finalists for specific awards, as well as those who have graduated to playing for the NFL.

“Miller’s customer service is really second to none,” says Baron. “I know I can pick up the phone and get the part I need delivered to me as quickly as possible. I’ve been a Miller customer for a long time, and they always treat me right. That, and the quality of the products, will keep me coming back for many years to come.”

Indiana University opens its 2015 football season at home against Southern Illinois University on Saturday, September 5 at 4pm ET.

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