NAB Show Product Review: Cloud and Storage & Recording

At this year’s NAB Show, exhibitors showcased storage, recording and cloud technologies with unique technologies to accelerate broadcast workflows, provide media production capabilities on demand, handle the ingest of live video to the cloud, and record and play back broadcast-quality content.


AMAGI MEDIA LABS introduced TORNADO, a machine learning-based content preparation service that enables TV networks and content owners to scale their operations, accelerate broadcast workflows, generate new revenues and reduce operational costs.

AVID unveiled Avid|On Demand, a cloud services and solutions platform that provides media production capabilities on demand. Media organizations can deploy the capabilities they need on a per-project basis and allows teams to manage and deliver content to any device anywhere—all in a secure environment with controlled access.

AWS ELEMENTAL showed the newest version of the AWS Elemental Live L000 Series appliance, which ingests live video to AWS Elemental MediaStore to show cost-efficient contribution to the cloud for low-power, space-constrained or remote facilities.

BROADCAST PIX introduced the ioGates Desktop App, a solution that allows users to view and distribute large content files through a secure cloud-based video management service. With the new app, users can customize content delivery to specific devices to accommodate various workflows and format requirements. The system is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems, whereby users can view and browse files—as well as upload files—within specific folders of an ioGates cloud account.

DNF CONTROLS unveiled new and enhanced solutions focused on helping users transition to virtual and cloud-based IP control with Cloud Content Control. Via a collaboration with AWS Elemental, this live cloud playout system includes play-to-air automation that controls a GTP-32 control processor that emulates a video server channel, with content housed remotely on Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and accessed via Elemental’s Live Cloud. The company also showed its GTP-V1 software-only control solution for radio and TV applications.

EVERTZ and INTERRA SYSTEMS announced a new cloud-enabled integration solution of the Interra BATON file-based QC solution with the Evertz Mediator X media asset management platform to simplify automation of quality control for media developers, producers and distributors.

IBM ASPERA unveiled IBM Aspera on Cloud, a new hosted service that provides the means to transfer, exchange and deliver content from any location. It overcomes the file transfer challenges of the hybrid cloud by allowing media companies to move content securely across on-premises and multi-cloud environments.

IMAGINE PRODUCTS and STORAGE DNA partnered to introduce the myLTOdna, a new product that integrates elements of the Imagine Products myLTO tape-authoring application and StorageDNA HyperTape access tape solution powered by dnaLTFS.

 Imagine Products’ myLTOdna  

 Imagine Products’ myLTOdna  

PEBBLE BEACH demonstrated the newest versions of Beluga, which integrates with the company’s playout automation system to prep content for linear playout, OTT and VOD distribution via the cloud; and Orca, a virtualized IP channel solution for playout from the private or public cloud.

PLAYBOX TECHNOLOGY introduced a new transcoder for its SaaS-based CloudAir playout solution, with support multiple file wrappers and formats including MPEG PS/TS, MXF, QT, AVI, MP4, GXF, MPG2, H.264, ProRes, DNX HD and MJPEG. Other new features for CloudAir include an enhanced graphics editor template preparation interface, improved playlist editing, advanced playlist export to EPGs and automated linking of stored assets.

QUANTUM introduced a hybrid cloud/onpremise solution known as aiWARE for Xcellis. It’s a hybrid on-premises and cloud version of the Veritone artificial intelligence platform that uses cognitive analytics—such as object recognition, optical character recognition and transcription—to extract value from video and audio stored on Quantum appliances.

ROSS VIDEO launched, a cloud-based version of the Streamline media asset management that allows for files to be stored either in the cloud or in a local facility and moved between locations using Ross Video’s Cloud Gateway.

SDVI debuted two new features within its cloud-based SaaS service. Rally Gateway creates customer-branded content submission portals to serve as automated on-ramps into the media supply chain. The second, Rally Access, presents media supply chain managers with a timeline-based view of issues discovered during preparation and packaging. 

SDVI Rally Gateway  

SDVI Rally Gateway  

TELESTREAM introduced new features for Telestream Cloud Services, a service portal that provides access to a number of digital media processing capabilities in a SaaS model. New features include auto-transcription and file-based quality control as well as Flip transcoding and Workflow services.

VIZRT announced the availability of its Viz One MAM on Amazon Web Services, a move that the company said will provide more flexibility and choice for organizations who are looking to use the scalability and accessibility of cloud-based solutions. Media companies are able to access content from virtually any location with the with Vizrt’s Viz One either entirely on AWS or as part of a hybrid architecture.

XYTECH introduced Dash, a new cloudbased software solution that gives smallto mid-sized media and post facilities robust workflow management capabilities. Available on an affordable monthly subscription basis, Dash is based on the Microsoft Azure Managed Cloud platform.


1BEYOND introduced the Beyond Net-Drive and ThunderTape 3 systems, both of which support LTO-8 drives. The Net-Drive archiving devices are designed for transferring files to LTO tapes and can be used as standalone devices or attached to a network. All come standard with RAID storage and multiple 1/10 Gigabit connections. The ThunderTape 3 archiving device is a portable LTO device available with dual drives that is designed for individual users or small post facilities looking for a way to connect a tape drive to an existing Macintosh for an LTO backup solution.

360 SYSTEMS introduced the TSS-2470 II, a new hybrid IP/SDI server which also serves as a variable time delay.

ATOMOS announced that its Shogun Inferno and Sumo 19 monitor/recorders will now offer real-time recording in the new Apple ProRes RAW format from the sensor output of Panasonic, Sony and Canon cameras.

AVID introduced Avid NEXIS|E5 NL, a new nearline storage, high-density onpremise solution that manages media across all online, nearline and archive storage resources. Features include a new web-based Avid NEXIS management console app for managing, controlling and monitoring Avid|NEXIS installations. Extending the Avid NEXIS|FS (file system) to a secondary storage tier eliminates the need for third-party tools to search for, find and import media from multiple pools of third-party storage, the company said, which enables users to locate content distributed throughout an operation more quickly.

CONVERGENT DESIGN showcased the newest version of Apollo, which can record up to four 1080p streams and offers live switching, and the Odyssey 7+, a monitor recorder with a 7.7-inch OLED monitor with 3400:1 contrast and 1280x800 resolution.

Convergent Design Apollo  

Convergent Design Apollo  

DATAVIDEO introduced the HS-13, a new all-in-one system that offers streaming and recording within a portable production studio. It features an H.264 streaming encoder and recorder as well as a six-channel video switcher and LCD monitor for multi-view. The company also released the NVS-40, a four-channel video encoder, streaming unit and recording station.

EDITSHARE announced that its XStream EFS shared storage solution now features ACL Media Spaces and offers new storage space reporting capabilities. The company also showed new capabilities within the EFS 40NL nearline storage solution for EFS tiered storage.

EVS introduced XT-VIA live production server for UHD-4K and IP operation as well as an integration with VIA, EVS’ new technology platform of modular services and workflow engines. By connecting to the XNet-VIA media network, XT-VIA connects to all new EVS products and solutions, offering a flexible way to share live content to and from anywhere in the workflow.

FACILIS TECHNOLOGY showcased the latest version of its Facilis Shared File System, which builds on v7 and features real-time and historical bandwidth monitoring of volumes and workstations, RAID50 and RAID51 management through an admin console, automatic load balancing of clients and remote client deployment.

HARMONIC launched new VOS SW Cluster software, which embeds media processing capabilities with support for cloud and hardware compute environments, thereby enabling operators to quickly launch OTT services.

MASSTECH debuted a new version of its FlashNet media object storage solution, and MassStore, a media object framework platform that orchestrates services and workflows from multiple vendors.

NEWTEK showed the newest version of NewTek Remote Storage, which offers four streams of direct NDI playback.

PRIMESTREAM introduced a new Media Player Recorder and Media Processing Framework designed to boost 4K workflow and give users the ability to edit-while-capturing in Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro. The company also debuted Review Hub, a new SaaS system integrated into Xchange that allows users to securely share and collect feedback.  

PrimeStream Review Hub  

PrimeStream Review Hub  

PLAYBOX TECHNOLOGY introduced Neo TS Time Delay, a 1U IP-based delay server providing fully transparent delay of IP transport streams such as DVB/ATSC MPEG broadcast-quality compressed video and audio.

QUANTUM debuted enhancements to its Xcellis workflow storage family and StorNext shared storage and data management platform. The new version of the Xcellis scale-out NAS platform delivers scalable Ethernet-based storage and combines high-performance media and metadata management to support collaborative workflows.

QUOBYTE introduced new hyperscale storage software for M&E collaboration. This parallel distributed file system leverages “hyperscaler technology” (the ability of an architecture to scale appropriately as increased demand is added to the system) to unify file, block, and object storage to allow post production, visual effects, and playout workflows to reduce administrative overhead while providing secure data integrity for collaboration across a workflow chain.

ROHDE & SCHWARZ has rebuilt its R&S VENICE platform for live production, studio production and channel playout applications. The rebuild features an ultra-robust design for airplay with a new underlying software structure called virtual storage access (VSA) technology that enables an interruption free playout operation.

ROSS VIDEO launched the Abekas Tria News playout server, designed for television newsrooms, offering efficient ingest and reliable playout of newsroom media assets from four independent PGM playout channels.

SUITCASETV showed off the newest version of the MediaStor storage platform and the MediaStor File System, which aggregates multiple storage servers into a single unified structure.

Video Clarity Venue Player IP  

Video Clarity Venue Player IP  

VIDEO CLARITY introduced the Venue Player IP video server, which automatically plays multiple uncompressed segments of content to multiple screens in precise timing and sequence. It applies recently developed and standardized media flows for playing video and audio according to SMPTE ST 2110.

VIDEO DEVICES introduced a new set of features for the PIX-E Series of 4K-compatible recording monitors. With Firmware v3.50, the PIX-E Series offers playback functionality such as the ability to add, delete, and locate to cue markers; create a custom playlist; and loop playback of individual recordings, regions or playlists.

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