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NAB Show: Camera Corps to Demo Remote-Controlled Camera Mount

LAS VEGAS — Camera Corps will demonstrate its new Dual Mini Remote Head (DMR) remote-controlled camera mount as part of Vitec Videocom’s 2018 NAB Show exhibit. Representing advances in camera robotics, the DMR supports a high-motion camera for productions requiring fluid, sweeping live camera shots and tracking sequences.

It smoothly pans and tilts with precision, including gradual acceleration and deceleration, and remote zoom and focus control are also available for cameras supporting that function.

Based on a dual-drive configuration, the DMR allows motorized control of the lateral and, optionally, vertical angle of a counter-balanced carbon-fiber support arm up to three meters long. An additional, independent drive governs the camera pan and tilt angles, and the unit’s low profile prevents intrusion on nearby cameras’ views.

The DMR is also compatible with Camera Corps’ remote control panels and long-range connecting equipment, such as the Simply SMPTE Max, as well as many camera makes and models, including the company’s Clarity for slow-motion HD. Available for rent, the system is quick and easy to set up, adjustable, weatherproof, and suited to a wide range of broadcast genres, including entertainment, religious or corporate programming.

Camera Corps will be in Vitec Videocom’s booth, C6025.