Driving TV innovation with hybrid cloud


The TV industry is undergoing a major transformation: from a broadcasting model to a predominantly digital, IP-delivered model that can better serve fragmented, multi-channel audiences.

This demand for personalized content and the ongoing industry shift to ever-higher definition formats - and soon, data-rich content like virtual reality - increases demand for high-performance compute, storage, and networking. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the broadcast industry must find the most efficient and scalable way to enable content providers to deliver better experiences to their audiences.

Robust infrastructures need to be in place to handle myriad production, post-production and distribution complexities, and to give teams across the world reliable and easy access to tools and content.

Scalable and dynamic infrastructure

Nokia is a technology pioneer helping content providers in the media and entertainment industry overcome these challenges. Its end-to-end technology solutions are enabling customers to create, program, store and distribute content, and monetize it through targeted advertising and the promise of zero latency.

These solutions are built on scalable and dynamic HPE OEM Solutions server infrastructures, which give customers the ultimate flexibility to design their workflows through combined access to the public cloud, central data centers, and edge technologies.

This hybrid cloud deployment model has now become even more critical, especially for global media organizations that need to produce content anywhere in the world, for distribution anywhere in the world.

Increasing personalization and flexibility

Nokia works with HPE OEM Solutions to deliver high volumes of personalized, on-demand, and linear video traffic to consumers over both fixed and wireless broadband connections, which has significantly increased viewer retention.

The partnership has also yielded content providers a streaming IP video solution that combines the control of on-premise with a cloud-like, OpEx funding framework. This delivers built-in funding flexibility that adjusts providers’ costs when their technology or usage requirements change.

Paul Larbey, the Video Business Division leader at Nokia, said: “The key thing that HPE OEM Solutions is enabling us to do is to innovate, not just from a technology perspective, but also from a commercial and a business model perspective.”

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