WWL-TV integrates news graphics with newsroom computer system

WWL-TV in New Orleans is using two Pixel Power Clarity 500 and two Clarity 5000 systems in newsroom operation.

WWL produces more than 35 hours of local programming every week. Replacing the station’s existing still stores and digital disk recorder, the Clarity 500 systems were chosen because of their seamless integration with the Avid iNews newsroom system.

With the two Clarity 500 units, news producers can search, browse, select and title their own over the shoulder (OTS) graphics and monitor graphics without any user intervention. If a special graphic is needed, the producer simply clicks a button to request it. The request is then filled by a graphic artist and input into the show.

The Clarity 500s are used exclusively for WWL’s six hours of daily newscasts. One Clarity handles all OTS and monitor graphics, which are built by the news producers through iNews. They are able to browse and preview the graphics using iNews Control Air, which integrates perfectly with the Clarity. The other Clarity system is used to build full-screen graphics.

The station is using the Clarity 5000s to run simultaneous news and weather crawls.

For more information, visit www.pixelpower.com.