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TLN relies on Avitech MCC for streamlined master control monitoring

Total Living Network (TLN) has acquired Avitech’s Media Command Center Multi-Image Display Processing Systems for its new production and master control facility.

TLN, a 24-hour viewer-supported operation, has moved to a sophisticated workflow model to streamline operations and integrated workflow.

Making possible the simultaneous display of multiple real-time sources on a single large monitor or plasma display, the Media Command Center (MCC) effectively replaces or complements a control room monitor stack and provides a Virtual Monitor Wall System.

The MCC display processors are being integrated into TLN’s Master Control room to monitor 12 sources of playout video each with audio, using 100in Christie Rear Screen Projection Modules. System integrator Roscor, streamlined the TLN workflow by incorporating the MCC system with a 4-channel Quartz QMC Master Control system for the video playout, and a 4-channel Pinnacle MediaStream system for the playback of stored content. A Thomson Grass Valley brand Kalypso Video Production Center was used for the program production requirements.

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