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Throwaway camcorders; DVD at 11

Stations and networks sending videographers into potentially dangerous situations often rely on DV camcorders that are cheap enough to throw away if things get too hot and the shooter needs to make a quick exit.

Pure Digital Technologies will let newsrooms take that concept one step further with a sub-$30 one-time use digital video camcorders that can record up to 20 minutes of digital video on internal memory.

Available currently at more than 6000 CVS pharmacy and Rite Aid stores nationwide, the disposable camcorders may offer a low-cost alternative for shooters to capture news footage in situations where it might be necessary to drop their camera and run.

The camera could also offer a low-cost way for a station to equip everyone in the newsroom with the means to capture news footage whenever a story breaks —without having to wait for an ENG crew to arrive. The pocket-sized video camera weighs 5oz and is small enough to carry at all times.

Currently, to walk away with usable video requires that the camera be returned to where it was purchased where Pure Digital’s proprietary video processing platform formats the content and burns a DVD using Sonic Solution’s AuthorScript video technology.

While the process is designed for consumers, it’s less appealing to journalists working in a need-it-now world. The throwaway may provide an acquisition solution for some unique situations.

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