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Tektronix MTS400 adds significant new features for H.264 system test

Acting to improve and adapt to new technology in the industry, Tektronix is announcing a significant expansion of capability for the MTS400 system.

The rapid growth of such broadcast technologies as Video-on-Demand, HDTV and Video-over-IP means the broadcast technology needs to grow ahead of the deployment curve. Last year, Tektronix announced the availability of the MTS400 series compressed video test system. This automatically monitors, analyzes and debugs live and deferred time video transport streams.

New features include tools to validate, debug and compare H.264 video equipment. It allows design engineers to test the correct operation of IPTV set-top boxes and other IPTV equipment during development by multiplexing H.264/AVC compressed video into transport streams for transmission across IP.

Second, Tektronix is announcing new IP analysis tools that help test engineers shorten the design cycle for IPTV equipment. These new tools are designed to address MPEG-IP cross-layer tests and MPEG-IP cross-layer timing correlation. Test engineers can analyze both MPEG and IP layer performance, quickly identify equipment performance problems by triggering on events based upon IP layer measurements, and correlate cross-timing of the IP, transport stream and packetized elementary stream layers.

Combined, these new tools allow test engineers to create test streams for validating and debugging designs more quickly and create error streams to perform parametric stress testing to ensure robustness and quality of H.264 equipment.

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