Tektronix introduces RTX130A integrated MPEG, RF signal generator

Tektronix has rolled out the RTX130A, an integrated MPEG and RF signal generator offering both unmodulated and RF modulated playout of MPEG transport streams, supporting both cable (QAM A, B & C) and terrestrial (ATSC) standards.

Designed to act as a compact, portable test source for product development and manufacturing test, the RTX130A addresses the need for a high performance repeatable test streams source at the RF, IF and unmodulated transport stream interfaces, enabling faster and higher quality product development.

RTX130A users can playout a modulated or unmodulated repeatable test stream stored on the unit’s hard disk drive, which can be continuously looped with PCR jitter inserted to stress the device under test.

The RTX130A supports ITU-T J.83 QAM modulation standards Annex A (DVB-C), B and C and the ATSC 8-VSB modulation standard. Customers can purchase the modulation options they need today and add further modulation options later.

For more information, visit www.tektronix.com.

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