SuperSport scores scalability with new Harris Broadcast router

Leading South African satellite broadcaster SuperSport is moving into a new state-of-the-art HD playout center. Responsibility for management and monitoring of all the signals in the facility has been handed to the Platinum IP3 router as part of a complete package of Harris Broadcast infrastructure equipment.

The Harris Broadcast Platinum router led the industry by being the first to offer genuine dual-path routing, allowing video and audio to be contained in the same device without losing signal paths. The Platinum IP3 takes that to the next logical stage, incorporating data as well to offer triple-path routing. It makes it the ideal router for facilities moving toward a hybrid or IP-based infrastructure, and as a means of routing data separately from video and audio.

The integrated Platinum IP3 router for SuperSport includes HView SX Pro multiviewers used extensively across displays in the facility. The complete installation also features Harris Broadcast Magellan router control panels and the CCS Navigator network design, control and monitoring system; as well as Harris Broadcast signal processing and interfacing equipment including the Selenio media convergence platform, 6800+ modular core processing devices, OPTO+ fiber interfaces and X85 signal processing units. The contract covers extensions to SuperSport’s existing Harris Broadcast D-Series playout automation system.