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Studer introduces enhanced desk

Studer Professional Audio Products of Germany has upgraded its OnAir 3000 digital audio console. With the new OnAir 3000Net option, users can migrate from a solo system to a networked part of the broadcast signal chain. In addition to being accessible and controllable via a LAN, all interconnected audio sources are visible in the input routing page on the OnAir 3000Net software's user interface.

The modular system can be custom-configured for the end user. The fader module includes six fader strips, and up to eight fader modules may be fitted, giving a maximum console size of 48 faders. Layout options range from a highly comprehensive engineer-operated continuity console to a single fader panel for newsroom use or even a PC-operated system with no physical desk controls. The console has three main stereo mix buses plus an audition facility, four stereo aux. buses, 16 mix-minus sends and three independent studio monitoring circuits. The mixer offers full dynamics, EQ and input/output routing for each channel.

Existing OnAir 3000 consoles are upgradeable to the OnAir 3000Net version, only requiring a software update and a small hardware change.

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