Steve Harvey Show upgrades audio system

The Steve Harvey Show moved into Chicago's WMAQ-TV studios last year, and Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) was tapped to modify and upgrade the show's audio system.

That project had some unique logistics challenges considering the show's size.

“Steve Harvey has a lot more gear, especially since they have an additional six to eight people using IFBs,” says John Garrido, PWS RF engineer. “Due to the show’s relocation, WMAQ asked us to check their system to ensure everything was working properly and was up to par, since they were moving the shows and studios around.

"We made some tweaks and needed to make certain that the studio’s capabilities were at the same high level as they were before the move.”

Located in bustling Chicago, NBC Tower’s wireless audio system can be affected by the myriad of signals bouncing around the Windy City. PWS personnel installed a custom RF remote panel to accommodate outdoor shoots and modified antennas located near a window, making it easy for the show’s production team to enable and disable levels for the outdoor microphones they employ.

“We customized it to give them more control to turn the system on and off from a remote location,” adds Garrido. “If they want to shoot outside, they can simply flip a switch, making it much easier. Now, Steve Harvey or someone on his team can go outside and interview people on the street.” 

Professional Wireless Systems is a Masque Sound Company. Founded in 1936, Masque Sound is a ubiquitous presence in broadcast, theatrical and live concert events.