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Satellite Update for Sept. 26, 2013

From FCC Report SAT-00973: “Actions Taken:”

• The FCC International Bureau's Satellite Division granted Satellite CD Radio LLC special temporary authority (STA) for 180 days to conduct performance testing of its new geostationary-satellite orbit Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service (SDARS) FM-6 at 120.5 degrees west longitude (WL) and to move FM-6 from 120.5 degrees WL to 116.15 degrees WL upon completion of testing. Telemetry, tracking and command (TT&C) operations are authorized using the 2320.0-2332.5 MHz (space-to-Earth) and 7051.5-7052.5 MHz and 7060.0-7072.5 MHz (Earth-to-space) frequency bands to support the performance testing and the move.

• Iridium Constellation LLC received STA for 180 days to continue to operate three satellites in its non-geostationary-orbit constellation in a manner consistent with a revised post-mission disposal plan proposed in its pending license modification application.